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The Food Song (Clip)

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"The Food Song" encourages Kids to make Healthy Food their regular choice for a meal or snack as opposed to Junk Food.

This Song is from Level 2 of the Busy Beavers "English For Beginners" Series. Level 2 has a large section dedicated to teaching Food Vocabulary, the names of Fruits, Vegetables, Drinks, Sweets, Junk Food and More.
Kids love food and they love to talk about it so this is a great conversation builder - "Do you like...?" "Yes, I like..." or "No, I don't like..." 

As we all know, Music is a great way to help remember words and phrases and that is the foundation of the Busy Beavers Teaching Method. That's why you may recognize this same melody and question / answer "echo" used in the How Are You? (Song) and The Weather Song. Students become familiar with the rhythm and repetition of the songs and know what to expect when they chant along.

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