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For the past thirty years, Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles has been selling comic books to adults and children. EVAN CRAY: "I just like holding the pages and reading it." The look of comics has changed little. But store owner Ryan Liebowitz says something new is happening. RYAN LIEBOWITZ: "In the last year or so, we've seen a major transition into digital comic books." Dan Cray likes both traditional comic books and the new versions. DAN CRAY: "I will say there are some comics, like my favorites, that I would, I actually too prefer having a hard copy. But, for a lot of 'em it's just really convenient and really nice to be able to get 'em. I can read them on an iPad, and it's really a convenient format." Chip Mosher works for a company called comiXology. Its online store has over twenty-five thousand comic books. CHIP MOSHER: "For the last six to nine months, we've ranked as the top grossing iPad app in the entire iTunes app store." The price of a digital version is about the same as a paper comic book. Ryan Liebowitz now sells digital comics on his store's website. He says people are buying both print and electronic versions. I'm Shirley Griffith.

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