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Some health clubs offer a kind of exercise called AntiGravity Yoga. 

MARIE BICE: "When I first saw people hanging upside down from hammocks and calling it yoga, I kinda thought they were crazy. But it ended up being a lot of fun, and just the swinging, and it felt very playful."

Yoga student Marie Bice says AntiGravity Yoga has been good for her.

MARIE BICE: "I don't have a lot of flexibility in my back, and doing this work has really helped with that."

Heather Blair is an AntiGravity Yoga trainer.

HEATHER BLAIR: "You actually have spinal decompression, so when you're upside down, your vertebrae actually open up so that the space between the vertebrae opens naturally and gently."

This is Chris Meierhans' first class in AntiGravity Yoga.

CHRIS MEIERHANS: "I would like increased flexibility. Of course, I'm a guy, a runner, so my hamstrings are very tight."

Instructor Heather Blair says a lot goes into the workout. 

HEATHER BLAIR: "AntiGravity Yoga is a combination of pilates, a little bit of yoga, aerial arts and suspension training. So it's not just yoga. You literally can be of any fitness level. You can have injuries. It doesn't matter how old you are, anyone can take the class." 

Christopher Harrison is a dancer, choreographer and gymnast. He created AntiGravity Yoga. 

CHRISTOPHER HARRISON: "I created it so even my mother can do it."

Chris Meierhans was surprised at the effort required to do it.

CHRIS MEIERHANS: "I had no idea that it was that much work."

Christopher Harrison says yoga philosophy is still at the center of AntiGravity Yoga.

CHRISTOPHER HARRISON: "You can expect still to be studying yoga because it is a practice of awareness, of body, mind and spirit."

As with traditional yoga, classes end with meditation. I'm Christopher Cruise.


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