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In the last decade Indonesia's strategy to combat terrorism through police action and criminal prosecution, not military means, has successfully curbed the local terrorist threat. But VOA's...
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896 VOA News Russia, Western Powers Trade Accusations Over Ukraine sorimsadol 2015-02-08 66
895 VOA News European, US Leaders in Diplomatic Push for Peace in Ukraine sorimsadol 2015-02-06 62
894 VOA News Drought Drains Lake Mead to Record Low sorimsadol 2015-02-05 63
893 VOA News Environmentalists Reviving Long-Dead Colorado River Delta sorimsadol 2015-02-05 99
892 VOA News Las Vegas Pulls Grass to Save Water sorimsadol 2015-02-05 78
891 VOA News Arizona Fallows Farms to Save Water for Cities sorimsadol 2015-02-05 77
890 VOA News Native Americans, Las Vegas Battle Over Water sorimsadol 2015-02-05 78
889 VOA News 'Musician of the Syrian Revolution' Debuts at Carnegie Hall sorimsadol 2015-02-05 57
888 VOA News Obama Defense Nominee Favors Lethal Military Aid for Ukraine sorimsadol 2015-02-05 66
887 VOA News Apparent Killing in IS Video Called Un-Islamic, Barbarous sorimsadol 2015-02-05 107
886 VOA News Recently-Freed Yazidis Agonize Over Loved Ones Still Captives of Islamic State sorimsadol 2015-02-05 197
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