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Exam Skills-Focussed listening | BBC

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Hello, I’m Nuala O’Sullivan and you’re listening to ‘Exam Skills’.

In this programme, Focussed listening, we look at ways to improve your performance in listening exams.
Here’s some advice from language expert, Karen Adams.


Karen Adams
First of all, the important thing to remember: don’t panic. It’s very easy when you’re listening
to a text to think ‘Oh, I’ve missed something’, and to become very worried. But remember,
usually in a listening exam, you’ll hear the text more than once. You’ll normally hear it twice,
or sometimes even three times.
Nuala: That’s reassuring isn’t it? Most listening exams give you a second chance –they give you time to listen again. A word of warning though - notice that Karen said ‘usually’ and ‘normally’. She didn’t say ‘always’. So it’s important to be prepared and know what to expect in the particular exam you’re doing. Examiner Mark Shea.


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