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A hamburger (or simply a burger) is a sandwich that consists of a cooked patty made of ground meat and is generally served with various garnish(장식, 곁들인 것) or condiments(양념) like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, relish(양념으로 쓸 야채와 과일), pickles, and cheese toppings, placed inside a sliced Hamburger bun, often baked specially for this purpose, or pieces of bread or toast. The meat patty is beef, unless otherwise noted.


Recent years have seen the increasing popularity of new types of "burgers" in which alternatives to ground beef are used as the primary ingredient. For example, a turkey burger uses ground turkey meat, a chicken burger uses either ground chicken meat or chicken filets(기다란 조각, 가시 바른 생선). A buffalo burger uses ground meat from a bison and some mix cow and buffalo meat, thus creating a "Beefalo burger" and an ostrich burger is made from ground seasoned ostrich meat. A Bambi burger uses ground venison(사슴고기) from deer.


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