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except와 except for

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except와 except for

① 일반적인 사실을 진술하는 문장 뒤에 예외라는 것을 나타내기 위해 except나 except for를 쓴다. all, every no, everything, anything, anybody, nowhere, whole 등의 단어가 온 문장 뒤에 자주 쓰인다.

He ate everything on his plate except (for) the beans.
He ate the whole meal, except (for) the beans.

② 일반적인 사실을 진술하는 문장 외에는 except for만 사용한다.

I've cleaned the house except for the bathroom.
I've cleaned the house except the bathroom.(*)

The house was quiet except for the noise of Louise typing.
You couldn't hear anything except (for) the noise of Louise typing.

③ 전치사나 접속사 앞에서는 except를 쓴다.

It's the same everywhere except in Scotland.
He's good-looking except when he smiles.

④ 동사 앞에도 except를 쓴다. 댓구를 이루는 것의 품사와 일치시킨다.

He does nothing except eat all day.(
She is not interested in anything except skiing.(anything...skiing)

⑤ except (for)는 일반적인 것의 예외 되는 것을 나타내는 반면 without이나 but for는 가정의 의미를 가진다.

Nobody helped me except you.
Without/But for your help, I would have failed.

⑥ except (for) 뒤에는 목적격 대명사가 온다. 주격 대명사는 올 수 없다.

Everybody understands except me.
We're all ready except her.

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