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rise raise arise의 차이

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rise - rose - risen(오르다, 상승하다, 기상하다)
Generally, if something rises it moves upwards. If you rise, this is a rather formal way of saying that you get of out bed, get up or stand up:(일반적으로 어떤것이 rise한다고 할때 그것은 위로 움직이는것이며, 당신이 rise한다면 이것은 다소 formal한 말로 당신이 기상하거나 일어서는 것입니다.)

I needed to catch the 7.30, so I had risen early.
He rose to greet me when I entered his office.
When the sun and the moon rise, they appear in the sky.
The wind rose later in the night and kept me awake as it howled through the trees.

arise - arose - arisen(~일, 사건)일어나다, 발생하다.
arise is mainly used in a more abstract way. If a situation or problem or something arises, it comes into being and people become aware of it:(arise는 주로 추상적인 상식으로 사용되는데 만약  상황이나 문제, 또는 어떤것이 arise한다면 그것이 존재하게되고 사람이 그것을 알게될때 입니다.)

I don't think the question of compensation will arise, but if it does, just give a vague reply.
I shall certainly go to Scotland next year, if the opportunity arises.
A problem has arisen with the TV that I bought last week. I can't get teletext.

raise - raised - raised(~을 올리다, ~을 모금하다, ~을 기르다)
If you raise something, you move it to a higher position. If you raise your voice, you speak more loudly. If you raise the standard of something, you improve it:(당신이 어떤것을 raise한다고 하면 당시이 그것을 더 높은 위치로 이동시키는 것입니다. 당신이 어떤것의 기준을 raise한다면 그것을 향상시킨다는 것입니다.(

If you are in agreement with what Mr Jenkins has put to you, would you please raise your hand.
The flag on the roof of the palace is raised whenever the queen is in residence.
Amy was sitting at the back and had to raise her voice in order to be heard.

요약하여 설명하면 "rise" 실제 사물이 자동적으로 오를 때 쓰고, “arise"는  추상적인 것이 오를 때(일어날 때) 쓴다는 사실입니다. 그리고 "raise"는 타동사적으로 쓰여서 뒤에 항상 목적어를 동반하고요.
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