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steal 과 rob의 차이

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sb steal st from sb.  sb rob sb of st
즉 steal의 목적어로는 돈이나 물건이 오고 rob의 목적어로는 은행이나 사람이 온다.

Collins Cobuild English Usage
WARNING: When you are speaking about the object which has been stolen, you use "steal" or "take". However, when the object of the verb is a person, you use "rob."
1. I had stolen my father's money.
2. I know you've taken my stamps.
3. They robbed me and stole my car.

Right Word Wrong Word, L.G. Alexander
1. The man who
stole my handbag took my address book as well. (Not *robbed)
2. I lost my address book when that man
robbed me of my bag / stole my bag from me. (Not *stole me of my bag)
(steal something from someone or from somewhere; rob someone of something)
3. Gangs have been
robbing passengers on overnight trains. (Not *stealing)
4. You paid far too much for this souvenir. I think you were
robbed. (Not *stolen) (i.e. 'overcharged')
Robbing banks can hardly be described as a profession. (Not *Stealing *Burgling)
6. Our house was
burgled while we were away on holiday. (Not *robbed *stolen)
(people or banks/institutions are robbed; thins are stolen (from people or places); property is burgled or broken into; people may be kidnapped)

1. One of our guests, Mrs. Oliver, has been robbed
2. One of our guests, Mrs. Oliver, has been stolen
위 두개의 문장은 같지 않다.

One of our guests, Mrs. Oliver, has been robbed
'우리 단골손님중 한분인 올리버 부인이 도둑을 맞았다' 는 의미와

One of our guests, Mrs. Oliver, has been stolen
우리 단골손님인 올리버 부인이 도난 되었다. = 누군가가 올리버부인을 납치해 갔다 (제우스가 젊은 여인을 업어서 보쌈해 간것처럼)는 의미가 될 수도 있다.


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