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faq anyway 와 by the way 의 차이점은?

2009.04.14 20:37

chanyi 조회 수:2750

1. Anyway:어쨌든, 하여튼, 어떻게 해서든,(=anyhow, at any rate, at least)
These expressions can be used to mean "what was said before doesn't matter-the main point is as follows."
Ex)I am not sure what time I'll arrive, maybe half past seven or a quarter eight o"clock. Anyway, you're safe, that's the main thing.

2. By the way:그런데, 우연이긴 하지만, 여담이지만(=incidentally)
By the way and incidentally are used to introduce something one has just thought of that is not directly connected with the conversation.
Ex) I was talking to Phil yesterday. Oh, by the way, he sends his regards. Well, he thinks.................. 

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