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determine 타동사
determine to do

formal to decide to do something(~할 것을 결정하다.)
ex. He determined to leave at once.
(그는 당장 떠날것을 결정했다.)

determined 형용사
determined to do something
She was determined to win.
(그녀는 승리하기로 결심했다.)
determined (that)(that 이하를 결심하다.) 
He was determined that the same mistakes would not be repeated.

determine [타동사]
1 to find out the facts about something [= establish]:
Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.
determine how/what/who etc
The aim of the inquiry was to determine what had caused the accident.
determine that
Experts have determined that the signature was forged.

if something determines something else, it directly influences or decides it:
The amount of available water determines the number of houses that can be built.
The age of a wine is a determining factor as to how it tastes.
determine how/whether/what etc
How hard the swimmers work now will determine how they perform in the Olympics.

to officially decide something:
The date of the court case has not yet been determined.
determine how/what/who etc
The tests will help the doctors determine what treatment to use.
4 determine to do somethingformal to decide to do something:
We determined to leave at once.


determined adjective

1 having a strong desire to do something, so that you will not let anyone stop you:
Gwen is a very determined woman.

determined to do something
She was determined to win.
(그녀는 승리하기로 결심했다.)
determined (that)(that 이하를 결심하다.) 
He was determined that the same mistakes would not be repeated.

showing determination, especially in a difficult situation
determined attempt/effort
She was making a determined effort to give up smoking.
The library was closed down despite determined opposition.

참고: The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online
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