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Well you done done me 무엇을 의미할까요?

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Done" is a non-standard dialect way of intensifying a past tense verb. An uneducated person from some parts of the country might say, "I done went to the store"--no need for "done," anyway. It's misused at least as often with a past participle, as in "I done seen him" to mean "i saw him." I think I've even heard it used with a present-tense verb as a way of making it past. 

Then, "done," a past participle, is also misused as the past tense--instead of "did." I once heard this exchange: "Who did this?" "I done it." 

So the sentence means "You did me." And "do" in that sense certainly means to have sex with. (In Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, when the EmpressTamora gives birth to a baby that is clearly not the child of her husband but of her lover, Aaron, one of her sons shouts at Aaron, "Thou has undone our mother," and Aaron retorts, "Villain, I have DONE thy mother.") 
Jason Mraz 의 I'm yours의 첫부분에 나오는 구절.
첫번째 done은 불필요, 두번째 done은 did(to have sex with)의 잘못사용.

==> You did me= You have sex with me.
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