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Film Locations: (blog post coming this weekend!) Wet Psy @ 2:18: "Like" us on FACEBOOK! "Follow" us on TWITTER! SUBSCRIBE to our channel: INSTAGRAM: @sweetandtastyTV *** Attribution: "63 Building" - InSapphoWeTrust "Andre Romelle Young, stage name Dr. Dre" - Jason Persse "Athletes stand by the ceremonial torch of the XXIVth Olympiad" - Ken Hackman "Ga-In" - Mohanshe "Hangang Park" - Korea Be Inspired "Hi Seoul' 2008. Spring. 2nd day" - Stari4ek "Kakeudon" - Lusheeta "Kintex" - Celest "Korea - Pojangmacha" - Superlocal "Korean snacks on the food stall, Kimbap" - Ayustety "LG전자, CES 2013 사진 모음" - LGEPR "Making hotteok" - Yearofeats "Mapo Bridge" - Yagyung "The 63 building just before sunrise on new years day 2010" - Daron Dierkes
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