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Chapter 01.
Personal Information.

 More questions

1. Say it English

Part 1.

1. What is your name?

2. What does your name mean?

3. Where do you come from?

4. Where did you grow up?

5. What was your childhood like?

Part 2.

1. Describe your personality.

2. Describe a children's story that you know well.

My mother used to read me many books when I was going to bed. Amog them, I remember the Cinderella story the best because I like the part where Cinderella went to the prince's party with the help of a magical fairy godmother. It was amazing to hear as a child how the fairy godmother changed a pumpkin into chariot and four mice into coachmen. I think it is  such a great story because it helps children to develop their imagination.

Part 3.
1. How do you like your personality?

Well, I don't think that My personality is perfect. However, I am happy that I am optimistic and deligent person. I feel that all the troubles that I face everyday become very easy to solve when I have an optimistic attitude. If I had to change one thing, It would be being too direct with others. I try to be careful because someone get offended. It's really hard to change my personality.

2. How have your parents influenced you in terms of personality?

3. Do you enjoy people whose personality is totally different from yours?

Of course, Each individual has a different personality. and I was taught by my parents that I should learn to respect the differences of others. I have many friends and most of them have personalities opposite from mine. For example, one of my best friends is a very quiet person who likes cooking and cleaning while I am an outgoing person with lots of energy. We may not seem like we have anything in common. but That's actually not true. The more we spend time together, the more I realize that we complement each other. I learn a lot from her, and she says she does from me as well.

4. What are the main factors that contribute to shaping one's personality?

5. When you hire someone for a job, will you take care to look at his personality?


More questions

1. What do you think you are talented in?

2. How much are you influenced by your friends in terms of personality?

3. Are you willing to change your personality if many people find some aspects of it to be disagreeable?

4. Do you believe that people considered eccentric are talented in certain fields?

5. Do you plan to have a different family life from that of your parents? What are some changes you would like to make?



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