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Chapter 02. Family

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Chapter 2. Family

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Chapter 02. Family

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Part 1.
Question 1
Do you live with your family or with friends?

Question 2
What do your family members do for a living?

Question 3
What do you and your family like to do together?

Question 4
Who do you talk to most in your family?

Question 5
What do you do as a family on special occasions like weddings or feasts?

Part 2
Topic Card 1
Describe a typical modern family.

Topic Card 2
Describe one of your parents.

Part 3
Question 1
What are the disadvantages of living in an extended family?

Question 2
What do you think is the best way to keep in touch with friends and family when you're away from home? Why?

Question 3
Is family an old-fashioned idea?

Question 4
Has women's role in family changed greatly?

Question 5
What responsibilities do children have toward their parents?

More Questions
1. In a family, do you feel that sons are closer to their fathers
and daughters to their mothers in general?

2. In your opinion, is it important for a married couple to have children?

3. Is it acceptable for couples to live together before they get married?

4. Do you think families with a single parent pose a threat to society?

5. Do you wish to live a very different family life from that of your parents?

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