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Chapter 05. Places

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Chapter 5.

More questions

Say it in English.

Part 1.

Question 1.

What place do you like to visit the most?

Question 2.

Do you like museums?

Question 3.

What places in your country should a foreigner visit? Why?

Question 4.

Are there any special places in the world that you want to pay a visit?

Question 5.

What places in your country do you like best? Why?

Part 2.

Topic Card 1.

Describe a museum you have visited.

Topic Card 2.

Describe a place that is very special to you.

Part 3.

Question 1.

What makes a place attractive: people, food, weather, or scenery?

Question 2.

What is your feeling when you see old architecture and historical buildings disappearing rapidly?

Question 3.

How do you feel about graffiti? Do you think it is art or vandalism?

Question 4.

What sort of places will be of interest to people in the future?

Question 5.

What do you think could be done to make museums more enjoyable?

More Questions.

1.  What kinds of places in the world are threatened by construction or other types of progress and development?

2.  What is your opinion on museum art, as opposed to pop culture?

3.  What is the role of public art, for example statues and buildings?

4.  Do you think it is important to preserve historical areas in countries? Why?

5.  Do you think your country needs museums and art galleries?

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