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Chapter 07

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Part 1.
Question 1. What are some important festivals in your country?

Question 2. Can you tell me something about your customs?

Question 3. Do you like to travel in your country?

Question 4. What kind of climate does your country have?

Standard Answer
There are four very distinctive seasons in my country. Spring and fall are usually breezy and cool. Summer is very hot and humid. There is a rainy season during the summer for 2 to 3 weeks. Winter is very cold and dry and the temperature often falls below zero.

Advanced Answer
While spring and fall are easy to cope with, summer and winter are very extreme. During spring and fall, the weather is very nice and breezy. On the other hand, summer is very hot and humid, expecially the monsoon season, which occurs in July and August. Winter in Korea is very cold, and it's drier than in other seasons, but I don't think it's too dry compared to other parts of the world.

Question 5. What is the biggest celebration in your country?

Part 2.

Topic Card 1. Describe a beautiful place to visit in your country.

Topic Card 2. Describe a festival in your country.

Part 3.

Question 1. What things do you like most about your own culture?

Question 2. what changes does your country really need?

Question 3. What are the benefits for your country of people returning from abroad?

Question 4. What is the best way to make sure that children grow up knowing about their cultural past? 

Question 5. What are some of the main industries in your country?

More Questions.

1. How do you feel about patriotism?

2. Do you think that it is useful to maintain your culture's traditional stories such as myths and folk tales?

3. What big changes will happen in your country over the next ten years?

4. What are some problems your country faces currently?

5. Why do people in your country emigrate?


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