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Chapter 08.

More questions

Chapter 08.

Say it in English.


Part 1.

Question 1. Who do you talk to the most in a day?

Question 2. How do you keep in touch with your family and friends?

Question 3. How do people in your country communicate with each other?

Question 4. When was the first time you owned a mobile with each other?

Question 5. Do you often text message?

Part 2.

Topic Card 1. Describe your preferred form of communication.

Topic Card 2. Describe a mobile phone you have used/seen.

Part 3.

Question 1. What is the most remarkable advantage of mobile phone?

Question 2. How did people contact each other before the telephone was invented?

Question 3. What inconvenience may the use of mobile phones cause?

Question 4. What difficulties can arise when people communicate without being able to see each other, by telephone or e-mail for example?

Question 5. Do you often text message?


More Questions.

1.  Do you think telecommunications companies in your country or in your host country are charging unreasonable fees for the mobile phone service they provide?

2.  How do people in your country communicate with authorities in emergency situations?

3.  When should children be allowed to own a cellular phone?


4.  What is your opinion on Internet chat rooms?

5.  In what ways will technology affect how people communication the future?


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