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Chapter 09. People

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Chapter 09.

More questions.

Say it in English

Part 1
Q1. Do you like meeting new people?

Q2. Do you want to become famous?

Q3. Do you have many friends? Are they causal acquaintances or close friends?

Q4. Is it hard to make friends in your country?

Q5. Do you often spend time with friends?

Part 2
Topic Cards
1. Describe someone you admire.

2. Describe an old person you know.

Part 3
Q1. How do old people enjoy their lives these days?

Q2. Why are friends important?

Q3. What kind of people do young people in your country generally admire now?

Q4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous?

Q5. How do you make guests feel welcome?

More Questions
Q1. How do you deal with a difficult classmate / colleague / boss?

Q2. Do you think colleagues should be friends?

Q3. What do you think is the most important quality in a person?

Q4. What quality is necessary in a person to do well in a group?

Q5. What quality do you dislike in a person?


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