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1321.  그냥 잊어버려요

Let it pass, it's not worth it.

1322.  슬쩍 넘어갈 생각 말아요

Don't think I'm going to let it pass

1323.  가만히 있으면 중간은 간다

The fool who is silent passes for wise.

1324.  공든 탑이 무너지랴

It always pays to do your best.

1325.  그 사람에게 본때를 보여줘요

Let him pay for what he's done.

1326.  그는 산만하다

He never pays attention.

1327.  내 구좌로 200불이 들어왔다

A $200 credit was paid into my account.

1328.  댁의 회사는 봉급이 많은 줄 알았어요

I thought your company paid well.

1329.  뭉칫돈을 내고 있는 중이야

I'm paying through the nose.

1330.  사랑이 밥 먹여주나

Love won't pay the bills.

1331.  그는 게임을 막 배우기 시작했어요

He is just picking up the game.

1332.  그는 마침내 용기를 냈다

He picked up his courage at last.

1333.  그는 이제 여유가 있다

He's picking up the pieces.

1334.  내 말에 토 좀 달지마

Don't pick out every word I say.

1335.  말꼬리 잡고 늘어지지 말아요

Don't pick at everything I say.

1336.  문방구에 가서 팩스용지 좀 사다 주세요

I'd like you to go to the stationery store and pick up some fax paper.

1337.  그런 건 어떻게 알게 됐나

How did you pick it up?

1338.  절대 먼저 시비 안 걸어

I never pick a fight first.

1339.  주워 들은 게 많아요

I've picked things up here and there.

1340.  항상 나만 못살게 굴어요

He is always picking on me.

1341.  그 사람은 밖에서 살다시피 해요

He is hard to pin down.

1342.  그 일을 제 탓이라고 하지 마세요

Don't pin that on me.

1343.  나 때문에 화내지 마라

I hope I didn't piss you off.

1344.  무지하게 열 받네

I'm so pissed off.

1345.  가져 갈 음식을 주문하고 싶습니다

I'd like to place a take-out-order, please.

1346.  그는 몇 등 했어요

Where did he place?

1347.  어디서 만났는지 모르겠습니다

I can't place you.

1348.  얼마나 오래 우리와 함께 근무하실 생각입니까

How long are you planning to stay with us?

1349.  그가 나의 마음을 떠보려고 한다

He is playing games.

1350.  너 튕기지 좀 마

Don't play hard to get.

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