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Unless you witnessed what happened, you had better not make a wild guess.

당신이 무슨 일이 일어났는지를 목격하지 않았다면, 제멋대로 추측하지 않는 게 낫다.

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번호 제목 글쓴이 조회 수 날짜
136 [통문장 영어62] I look upon the exercise of citizenship as the individual's key to participation in the community. chanyi 681 2014.11.16
135 [통문장 영어61] There are only two ways to live your life. chanyi 592 2014.11.16
134 [통문장 영어60] Some birds nest in wetlands and others use them for rest stops during flights. chanyi 530 2014.11.11
133 [통문장 영어59] There is an inseparable relation between diligence and success. chanyi 702 2014.11.10
132 [통문장 영어58]The two girls are so alike that strangers find it difficult to tell one from the other. chanyi 704 2014.11.09
131 [통문장 영어57]Internet sites, hacking, and slander must be censored or controlled, not only for children, but also for adults. chanyi 668 2014.11.05
130 [통문장 영어56] Atomic energy itself is neither good nor bad chanyi 929 2014.11.02
129 [통문장 영어55] I make it a rule to draw a line between public and private affairs. chanyi 632 2014.11.01
128 [통문장 영어54] In deciding on a career, it is important to understand your true interests. chanyi 489 2014.10.29
127 [통문장 영어53]Lamarck's theory of evolution has now been revived by a number of biologists chanyi 746 2014.10.26
126 [통문장 영어52] One good job, paying twelve dollars an hour, was filled in fifteen minutes. chanyi 669 2014.10.19
125 [통문장 영어51] Timothy takes after his mother in personality and his father in appearance. chanyi 609 2014.10.19
124 [통문장 영어50] Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized. file chanyi 1105 2014.09.15
123 [통문장 영어49] In spite of the police, there is usually a certain amount of vice in all big cities. chanyi 790 2014.09.15
122 [통문장 영어48] The civilization had as the basis of its very existence two great engineering achievement chanyi 743 2014.09.15
121 [통문장 영어47] How many languages are now spoken or were spoken in the past chanyi 797 2014.09.15
120 [통문장 영어46] Although the situation called for swift action, we were at a loss what to do chanyi 602 2014.09.15
» [통문장 영어45] Unless you witnessed what happened, you had better not make a wild guess. chanyi 660 2014.09.14
118 [통문장 영어44] My heart leaps when I behold a rainbow in the sky. chanyi 708 2014.09.14
117 [통문장 영어43] The biosphere is the part of the Earth's environment where life exists. chanyi 569 2014.09.14
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