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[통문장 영어암기66]

The increase in leisure time will provide people with more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities.

여가 시간의 증가는 사람들에게 야외활동을 즐길 더 많은 기회를 제공할 것이다.

* provide A with B: A에게 B를 공급하다.

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번호 제목 글쓴이 조회 수 날짜
156 [통문장 영어71] The poor listener thinks he has done his duty when he has said his piece. chanyi 296 2015.01.30
155 [통문장 영어70] Doctors are starting to find more and more information. chanyi 403 2015.01.26
154 [통문장 영어69] The ancient Greeks believed that all beauty could be explained with math. chanyi 464 2015.01.19
153 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-70th day chanyi 890 2015.01.11
152 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-69th day chanyi 558 2015.01.11
151 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-68th day chanyi 377 2015.01.11
150 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-67th day chanyi 308 2015.01.11
149 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-66th day chanyi 256 2015.01.10
148 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-65th day chanyi 435 2015.01.10
147 [통문장 영어68] the main thing distinguishing humans from other animals is language. chanyi 291 2015.01.08
146 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-64th day chanyi 548 2014.12.27
145 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-63th day chanyi 404 2014.12.27
144 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-62nd day chanyi 530 2014.12.21
143 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-61st day chanyi 390 2014.12.21
142 [통문장 영어67] Many people believe that the most interesting literature is nonfiction chanyi 412 2014.12.14
» [통문장 영어66] The increase in leisure time will provide people with more opportunities chanyi 657 2014.11.29
140 mp3들으며 영어문장 30개 암기-60th day [4] chanyi 1285 2014.11.23
139 [통문장 영어65] Children prefer watching TV to reading books or engaging in conversation. file chanyi 707 2014.11.22
138 [통문장 영어64] His story reminds me of something similar which happened to me a few years ago. chanyi 591 2014.11.22
137 [통문장 영어63] Filtering websites sometimes prevents children from seeing the real world as it is. chanyi 559 2014.11.17
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