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[통문장 영어암기89]


A young man with an unusual gift in creative writing may find himself speechless in the presence of a pretty girl.

창의적인 글쓰기에 특별한 재능이 있는 어느 젊은 남자가 예쁜 소녀의 면전에서는 자신이 말을 하지 못하는 것을 발견하게 될 수도 있다.

□ unusual 보통이 아닌
□ creative 독창적인
□ presence 존재함; 면전;
                  출석(↔ absence)

출처: 천일문심화84
번호 제목 글쓴이 조회 수 날짜
176 [통문장 영어91] The public's dissatisfaction with the public school system caused an increase in the number of children being educated at home. file chanyi 287 2015.03.21
175 [통문장 영어90] The idea of achieving security through national armament is a disastrous illusion. file chanyi 541 2015.03.21
» [통문장 영어89] A young man with an unusual gift in creative writing may find himself speechless. file chanyi 317 2015.03.21
173 [통문장 영어88] The number of foreigners interested in the Korean language has increased dramatically. file chanyi 513 2015.03.21
172 [통문장 영어87] The Pyramids of Egypt, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia make up our world's heritage. file chanyi 377 2015.03.10
171 [통문장 영어86] CO2 emissions from commercial and residential heating account for 12 percent. file chanyi 308 2015.03.10
170 [통문장 영어85] Whoever has to deal with young children soon learns that too much sympathy is a mistake. file chanyi 402 2015.03.01
169 [통문장 영어84] What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters. file chanyi 474 2015.03.01
168 [통문장 영어83] What really impresses most women is a man who cares about their feelings. file chanyi 256 2015.03.01
167 [통문장 영어82] Whether the first baseman really touched the runner was the question on the people's minds. file chanyi 242 2015.02.28
166 [통문장 영어81] That the unborn child cannot yet speak, reason means that he lacks the essential being of a person. file chanyi 423 2015.02.21
165 [통문장 영어80] That the monsters in movies seem alive is the result of new computer techniques. file chanyi 256 2015.02.21
164 [통문장 영어79] What may be normal behavior in one culture may seem inappropriate or even rude in another. file chanyi 254 2015.02.20
163 [통문장 영어78] To have faith in the possibility of love is a rational faith. file chanyi 474 2015.02.20
162 [통문장 영어77] To say that today's young people are all selfish is rash generalization. file chanyi 242 2015.02.20
161 [통문장 영어76] Reading speed is important, but being able to think straight about what you read is far more valuable. file chanyi 343 2015.02.20
160 [통문장 영어75] Making, advertising, and packaging what we buy can cost a lot in pure water, air, and soil. file chanyi 311 2015.02.15
159 [통문장 영어74] learning how to find information quickly and communicating efficiently will become increasingly important. file chanyi 214 2015.02.15
158 [통문장 영어73] Feeling good about oneself will help him or her cope with difficult situations. chanyi 330 2015.01.30
157 [통문장 영어72] Having a mole over one's right eyebrow means he or she will be lucky. chanyi 245 2015.01.30
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