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태극기(Korean flag)

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tae.jpgThe Korean flag, which is called the Taegeukgi, is rich in philosophical symbolism. Let me tell you what it means. The white background represents the land as well as peace.

In the center lies a circle called taegeuk which means the people. It is patterned after the taegeuk, or the yin and yang symbol.
This image shows the opposites of nature-
such as heaven and earth, fire and water, and day and night.
These(the opposites of nature) are not thought of as(~처럼) opposite to each other, but as two sides of the same coin.

In the corners of the Taegeukgi, there are four sets of
three bars, some broken and some unbroken, which(주격관계대명사) are
called gwae. Just as white background represents both land
and peace, the gwae represents many different things.

Taken together(When they are taken together), they stand for(의미하다) the government. The unbroken bars at the upper left corner stand for the heaven, summer, and the south. The three broken bars at
the lower right corner mean the earth, winter, and the
north. The gwae in the upper right corner represents the
moon, fall and the west.

Then, can you guess what the gwae in the lower left corner means? It means the sun, spring, and the east. These three bars in each corner represent balance, just as the taegeuk does. The Korean flag shows the perfect beauty of balance and harmony.

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