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why 의문문  

오늘 하루 쉬는게 어떻겠습니까?
    Why don't you take a day off?
함께 운동하는 게 어때요?
    Why don't we work out together?
    Why don't you have a seat?
그러면 7시로 정합시다.
    Why not make it at seven, then?
이 시간에 여긴 웬일이세요?
    Why are you here at this time?
    What are you doing here at this hour?
약속시간을 좀 당기면 어떨까요?
    Why don't you make it a little earlier?
왜 애들한테 화풀이야?
    Why take it out on children?
왜 우울한 얼굴을 하고 있지.
    Why the long face ?
    Why so down?
    Why do you look so blue ?
    Why are you in a blue mood ?
왜 그런 고생을 하는 겁니까?
    Why put yourself through it?
버스가 왜 안오는 거야!
   why isn't the bus coming!
너희들은 왜 방과 후에도 잡혀 있니?
   Why are you being kept in after work?
다시 한번 잘 생각해 보세요.
    Why don't you give it a second thought?
    Think about it again.
그 얘길 왜 저한테 하는 거예요?
    Why are you telling me that?
다른데도 알아보지 그러세요?
   Why don't you ask someone else?  
왜 그렇게 시무룩하게 있어요?
    Why do you have a long face?
왜 자꾸 시비를 걸어요?
    Why do you keep bugging me?
왜 저에게만 질문하십니까?
    Why are you only asking me?
    Why don't you ask someone else (for a change)?
왜들 그렇게 수군거리는 거죠?
    Why is everyone whispering?  
저의 집에 한 번 놀러 오세요.
    Please stop by my house sometime.
    Why don't you drop by when you have time?
    Why don't you treat us?  
(일이 잘 안될 때에) 어쩜 이렇게 꼬이냐?  
    Why is nothing going right?
    Why is nothing working out?
내가 왜 이렇게 후회를 하고 있는 거지?
    Why do I keep on kicking myself?
왜 숨을 헐떡이고 있어요? 계단으로 올라왔어요?
    Why are you huffing and puffing? Did you come up the stairs .
왜 넌 항상 날 못살게 구니?
    Why do you always pick on me?
우리집 집들이하는데 올래?  
    Why don't you come to my house warming party?
왜 진작에 그렇게 말하지 않으셨어요?
    Why didn't you tell me so in the first place?
언제한번 놀러오지 그래?
    Why don't you come around to our place sometime?
내가 왜 그 생각을 못했을까?
    Why didn't I think of that?  
왜 제가 당신한테 거짓말을 하겠어요?
    Why should I lie to you?
왜 자꾸 꼬치꼬치 캐묻는 겁니까?
    Why are you giving me the third degree?
왜 내가 되어야 하는 거죠?
    Why does it have to be I?
바로 그거야! 내가 왜 진작에 그 생각을 못했지?
    That's it!  Why didn't I think of that before?  
이리 오셔서 합석하는게 어때요?
    Why don't you come over here and join us?
내일 아침 전화를 다시 하시지요?
    Why don't you call her back tomorrow morning?
114를 돌려 번호를 알아보시지 그러세요?
    Why don't you dial 114 and ask for the number?
오늘 밤 호텔로 저한테 전화해 주시는 게 어때요?
    Why don't you call me tonight at the hotel?
지도에서 찾아보시지 그래요?  
    Why don't you look it up on the map?
주문을 받으세요.
    Why don't you take the order?
제 것도 주문하시지 그러세요?
    Why don't you order for me?
어서 드시지 그러세요?  
    Why don't you go ahead and eat?
운전 시험에 왜 떨어졌니?
    Why did you fail your driving test?
왜 그렇게 서두르니?  
    Why all the haste?
커피를 타드릴께요.
    Why don't I get you some coffee ?
왜 그는 나에게 호감을 갖지 않을까?
    Why won't he give me a tumble?

 왜 나에게 거짓말했어요?
    Why did you lie to me?
왜 이제서야 말해?
    Why did you just tell me?
왜 당신의 세탁물을 내가 편한 때에 갔다 주면 안되나요?
    Why wouldn't I drop off your laundry at my convenience?
당신은 왜 그렇게 내 속을 뒤집어 놓아요?
    Why do you keep rubbing me the wrong way?
    Why do you keep bothering me?
    Why won't you leave me in peace?
    Why are you getting on my nerves?
당신은 왜 옛날 옷들을 간직하고 있는 거죠?
     Why are you keeping all your old clothes?
왜 당신은 그 사람을 떠올리게 하는 물건들을
    간직하고 있습니까?
    Why are you keeping things to remind you of him?
입장 바꿔놓고 생각해 봐요.
    Why don't you put yourselves in my shoes?
    Put yourselves in each other's shoes.
    Try being in my place.
    See it from my point of view.
    Try to see it from my position.  
왜 그 클럽에 가입했죠?
    What drew you to the club?
    Why did you join the club?
    What made you join the club?
왜 저녁 식사 때 오지 않았어요?
    Why didn't you show up for the dinner?
왜 회의에 참석하지 않으셨어요?
    Why didn't you show up for the meeting?
왜 만나기로 해 놓고 나오지 않았습니까?  
    Why didn't you show up for our date?
당신이 직접 그 여자한테 말씀하시지 그러세요?
    Why don't you tell her yourself?
당신이 직접 하시지 그러세요?
    Why don't you do it yourself?
당신이 직접 전화를 받으시지 그러세요?  
    Why don't you get the phone yourself?
그 여자에게 진실을 밝히는 게 어떻겠어요?
    Why don't you just tell her the truth?
왜 나한테 거짓말을 한거죠?
    Why did you lie to me?
왜 아직도 안 오는 거지요?
    Why isn't she here yet?
그런데 도대체 왜 지금 가려는 거죠?
    Why on earth would you go now?
너도 장사를 해보는게 어떠니 ?
    Why don't you go into business ?
왜 브라인드를 닫는 거죠?
    Why are you closing the shutter?
당신은 왜 결혼했어요?
     Why did you get married?
무슨 걱정이 있으세요 ?  
    Why are you upset ?
조금 더 드시겠습니까?
    Why don't you have some more?
    Do you want some?  
거실로 가셔서 좀 쉬시지요?
    Why don't you rest in the living room?
본인 소개를 좀 해보시겠어요?
    Why don't you give me a brief profile?
    Would you tell me a little bit about yourself?
    Could you tell me about your personal history?
    Please tell me about yourself.  
그 얘길 왜 저한테 하는 거예요?
    Why are you telling me that?
    Why are you saying that to me?
    What's the point in telling me that?  
왜 저를 보자고 하셨죠?
    Why did you want to see me about? (직접적인 표현)  
    What did you want to see me about? (부드러운 표현)
한국에는 무슨 일로 오셨죠?
    Why did you come to Korea?
    What brought you to Korea?
그 사람 어디가 마음에 들어요?
    Why are you so attracted to him?  
    What's nice about him?
    What's good about him?
    Tell me what is great about him.
왜 저한테 전화하셨어요?
    Why did you call me up?
내가 대체 왜 그렇게 하겠어요?
    Why would I do that?
    What makes you think I'd do that?
    Why in the world would I do that?
여기 차 좀 세워 줄래요?
    Why don't you just pull over here?
    Can you stop the car over there?
왜 나한테 그렇게 잘해 주는 거지?
    Why are you so good to me?
    Why do you treat me so well?
    Why are you always so nice?
좀더 계시다 가시면 안되나요?
    Can't you stay a little longer?
    Why don't you stay a little longer?  

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