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한국문화 소개(Korean Culture)

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People only started to cook rice, since the bronze ware was in flowed and the iron pot was used in Iron age. If the rice is cooked in iron pot, there are some grain of cooked rice at the bottom. Korean ate those crispy rice and also pour some water and drank as soup.

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These are called Nureungji (crispy rice) and Sungnyung (water boiled with burned rice) . Korean eat these all the time, even in present time. Also, if you go to Korean restaurant, they serve Nurengji as last menu course. All these aspects are from Korean tradition.

   In Korean dining table, there are rice, soup, a pot stew, meat roasted, salad, boiled food, marinated seafood, Doenjang (fermented soybean paste) and Gochujang (thick soy paste mixed with red peppers) all at once. Each individual doesn‘t have their own dish, but rather sharing same dishes all together. They usually take right amount of food using spoon and chopsticks from various kinds of foods.

   Korean side dishes are divided into vegetables, fisheries and meats, since the principle food is rice. Also, there are different kinds depending on seasons and economic situations. The kind of principle food which is rice is different. Korean used to eat rice in holidays and during ceremonies, and they mixed rice with barely in spring and autumn. Chopped noodles and Tang (favored among many Koreans, lot of ingredients in soup) in summer and Gukbob (Rice mixed with soup) and clear soup with dough flakes in winter. Thus, Korean have many different kinds of seasonal principle dishes and its recipe is also different from each other.

   Korean food was traditionally served in “Ongki” (the pottery with a dark brown glaze). Ongki is traditional tool and it was qualified for its special taste which was combined with flavor of soil. There are not many foods in Ongki anymore in present time. However if you visit the restaurant specialized in Korean traditional foods, you may taste its simplicity and beauty.




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다양한 한국의 문화를 영어로 소개해 보세요.. 많은 도움이 될거예요.*^^*


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