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Joy: EARL, your brother shaved the damn cat again.
       얼, 자기 동생 저 망할 고양이 털 또 깎아 놨어.

Earl: Randy hadn’t been inside Kenny’s parents’ house since we robbed it in high school.

        All we got was a back pack full of birds.
       랜디는 고등학교 때 케니 부모님 집을 털고 난 후로는 그 집에 들어 간 적이 없었습니다.

       가지고 나온 건 가방 가득 새만 담아 왔죠.

(View of inside house, a wall of bird figurines, and Kenny’s parents sitting on the couch)


Mrs James: So are you visiting all of Kenny’s classmates’ parents?
                 그래, 케니 같은 반 아이 부모님들은 다 찾아 갈 거니?

Randy: Only the ones we’ve lost contact with. You see as class president,

           it’s my duty to organize the reunion and I’ll hate for anyone to miss out on all the fun,

           you know, with all that catching up and the little appetizers and all…
          지금 연락이 안 되는 친구들만 요. 제가 반장으로서 동창회를 조직하는 게 제 임무죠.

          누구도 그 재미난 일을 놓치게 하고 싶지 않거든요, 못다한 얘기도 나누고 맛난 것도

          먹으면서 말이죠.
*lose contact with…와 접촉[연락]이 끊기다/ have contact with(…와) 안면이 있다. / be in contact with…와 접촉하고 있다[있지 않다]; …와 가까이하고 있다[있지 않다] /come in contact with…와 접촉하다; 만나다(come across) / keep in contact with…와 접촉[연락]을 유지하다
*a class reunion (졸업 후의) 동창회
*miss out on sth: to fail to benefit from sth useful or enjoyable by not taking part in it
*I'm jammed all day but why don't you come up at 7? We'll have a drink and catch up on business. 하루 종일 사무실에서 꼼짝 못하고 있어. 하지만 자기라면 7시에 사무실로 올라와도 돼. 괜찮겠어? 한잔 하면서 밀린 비즈니스 얘기나 좀 하자고.
*and all그 밖의 모든 것, …등




Mrs James : Oh, isn’t that sweet? 오, 고마운 일이지 않아요?

Mr James: Can I get you a beer, son?
                 맥주 하나 갖다 줄까?

Randy: (looks outside, looks back) I would love a beer, Thank you. 
                                           맥주라면 좋죠, 고맙습니다.


(Outside Earl is putting the bag of rubbish in the back of the ute, He turns around and Catalina is right behind him and pushes him on the car.)





Earl: What are you doin?   뭐 하는 거야?

Catalina: You don’t like me?  내가 싫어?

Earl: No, no, you’re nice, it’s just Randy, when you came in to give us towels, he called dibs. 
       아니, 아니, 넌 근사해. 랜디때문이야. 네가 수건 주려고 들어 왔을 때, 랜디가 널 찜했거든.
* dibs: 가질[쓸] 권리, 우선권. /Dibs on the seat near the window! 창문 옆자리 찜!(어린이 표현)
/ have dibs on…에[할] 권리가 있다; I have dibs on that last piece of pie.

FLASHBACK: Catalina entering motel room holding towels, walking past Randy and Earl on the bed. Randy staring at her.


Randy: (hits Earl) Dibs. 내가 찜했다.



(Back to present, Earl and Catalina facing each other, and they hear sirens 3 cop cars pull up outside the house. Cops get out run towards The James’  house.)


Earl: In case you’re wondering how many beers it takes for Randy to get himself into trouble…

       nine seems to be the magic number. (shot over roof, randy running across the backyard)

         Luckily, he got Kenny’s address before he pissed off Mr. James.
       랜디가 말썽을 피우는데 맥주 몇 캔이 필요한지 궁금하시다면…

       9캔이 마법의 숫자인 거 같습니다.

       다행히도, 케니 아버지 열 받기 전에 케니 주소는 알아 냈습니다.
*get into trouble말썽이 나다; 경찰에 불려 가다, 처벌당하다, 꾸지람 듣다
*piss sb off: to make sb annoyed or bored /I blew my top. or I´m really getting pissed off. 나는 머리끝까지 화가 났다.

(Back inside James’ house.)


Mrs James: I think I have Kenny’s yearbook in here somewhere. 
                  케니 졸업앨범 여기 어딘가 둔 것 같구나.

(Randy sitting on couch with Mr. James drinking beer. Randy staring at Mrs. James bending over)


Randy: (hits Mr. James) Dibs. 아줌마 내가 찜했어요.


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