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We see Susan’s just been in the shower.

She’s in a towel, with her hair up and is brushing her teeth.


Susan’s answer phone message: We’re not here. Leave a message.

                                             집에 없으니 메시지 남겨 주세요.


Mrs Huber: (leaving Susan a message) This is Mrs Huber, Susan. Are you there?

               I can see your lights are on. I hope you’re not screening. That is so tacky.

               후버에요. 수잔, 집에 있어요? 집에 불 켜진 거 보이는데.

                전화 일부러 안 받는 거 아니죠?  그건 너무 치졸해요.

(Susan can’t believe how rude Mrs Huber is, and continues to stare at her phone as her neighbour leaves her a message)


Mrs Huber: (on the phone) Listen, I need to talk to you. My water heater just burst

                 and it’s going to cost me $600 to get a new one. And I can’t afford that.

               있잖아요, 할 말이 있어요. 온수기가 고장 났는데 새 걸 사는데 600달러 들 거에요.

               내가 그럴 형편은 못 돼서.

(Susan figures out why Mrs Huber was calling and sits down on her bed in shock)


Mrs Huber: I’m just beside myself. Call me as soon as you get in.

                그냥 제정신이 아니네요. 들어오면 바로 전화 줘요.

*…으로] 제정신이 아닌, 이성을 잃고[with ‥, 드물게 for ‥]

/be[feel] beside oneself with joy[grief, fear, rage]

기쁜[슬픈, 무서운, 격노한] 나머지 이성을 잃고 있다.

(Julie is fast asleep in bed when her mother wakes her up.)




Susan: Julie? Julie honey, wake up. We need to talk.

         줄리?  , 일어나. 얘기 좀 하자.


Julie: Can’t this wait until morning?

        아침에 하면 안돼?

*That homework can wait until tomorrow. 그 숙제는 내일까지 미룰 수 있다

/Breakfast can wait. 아침 식사는 나중에 해도 돼.


(Susan shakes her head)


Susan: I think I’m being blackmailed.

        엄마 지금 돈 달라는 협박 받는 거 같아.

(Julie wakes up at this and looks at her mother quizzically)

(Julie is sitting, drinking coffee to wake herself up whilst her mother tells her the story)


Susan: And when I realized I couldn’t put out the fire, I ran.

          I must have dropped the measuring cup in the process.

         알아차렸을 땐 불을 끌 수가 없었어. 그래서 도망쳤어.

         그러는 중에 계량컵을 떨어뜨렸나 봐.


Julie: (shakes her head at her mother) Why do I even let you out of the house?

                                                  엄마를 집 밖에 내보내지 말아야지.


Susan: Obviously I can’t let her get away with this.

          The only thing to do is go to the police and tell them what happened.

         분명 이 일 그냥 넘어가선 안돼. 유일하게 할 일은 경찰서 가서 다 말하는 거야.

*…을 벌 받지 않고 (무난히) 해내다; [가벼운 벌로] 때우다 /"Can I borrow your car?" "But you don't have a driver's license. You can't get away with it."「차 좀 빌려줘.」 「하지만 면허증이 없잖아. 넌 분명히 걸릴 거야.


Julie: You can’t do that! 그래선 안돼!


Susan: Julie, I don’t think they’ll throw me in jail. I mean, it was an accident.

          줄리, 날 감옥에 보내진 않을 거야. 사고였으니까.


Julie: Dad won’t care if it was an accident.

        You know he’ll just use this as an excuse to reopen custody.

       (almost pleading with her mother) Mom, I don’t want to live with dad.

      그게 사고라도 아빤 신경 안 쓸 걸. 양육권 소송 다시 할 구실거리로 이용할 거야.

      엄마, 난 아빠랑 같이 살기 싫어.

*file a custody suit: 양육권 소송을 하다


(Susan hugs her daughter and wonders what they’re going to do)

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