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Bree's house: Bree irons shirts while Lynette sits nearby.

Lynette: I wonder what's going on over there.
 I mean, Claire did okay with the kids yesterday,
 but that could have been
beginner's luck.
 Do you think I should call? I should call!

           집에선 어쩌고 있는지 궁금해. 어제는 애들이랑 문제 없었는데,
 운이 좋았을 수도 있잖아. 전화해 볼까? 전화해야지.

*When someone with limited experience achieves better than expected results it is

referred to as beginner's luck. The term is most often used in reference to a first

attempt in sport or gambling.


Bree: Lynette, for the first time in years you finally have some free time,
and you're wasting it obsessing about the kids.

        리넷, 만에 처음으로 가지는 자유 시간인데,
아이들 걱정하면서 낭비할거야?


Lynette: It's just, I don't know this woman, I mean, not really.
So she has a degree in sociology. Well
big deal, who doesn't?
My boys are
a lot to handle. What if she's not up to it?

           그게, 여자 모르는 사람인데다, 딱히 모른단 말이야.
대학 졸업장이 있다지만, 대순가, 누가 ? 
우리 애들이 다루기 힘들잖아. 감당이 안되면 어쩌지?

*Used ironically to indicate that something is unimportant or unimpressive.

*I know I have a lot to handle, but my love for her is strong, and I know we can prevail.

저도 제가 헤쳐나가야 할 것이 많다는 것은 알지만 그녀를 향한 제 사랑은 정말 강하고 저

희가 장애를 극복해 낼 수 있다는 걸 알고 있습니다.

* Youre not up to the job. 너는 그 일을 감당하지 못한다./This novel isnt up to his best.

이 소설은 그의 최고작에는 미치지 못한다./Do you feel up to going out today? 오늘은 외

출할 수 있을 것 같습니까?


Bree: You know, if you really have that many doubts,
        you should go buy a hidden camera.

        그렇게 의심이 가면, 가서 몰카라도 사든가.


Lynette: What, a nanny cam? 
뭐야, 보모 감시카메라라도 달란 말이야?


Bree: Yeah. People do terrible things when they think no one is watching them.

         그래. 누가 안보면 끔찍한 하는 사람들 있잖아.


Lynette: Yeah.  You know, I don't really think I could videotape Claire.
It would be a
breach of trust.

            그래, 그렇다고 클레어 하는 녹화는 같아. 신뢰 위반이야.

*breach of trust신탁(信託) 위반, 배임


Bree: Trust is overrated. 신뢰 너무 과대평가 마라.


Lynette: So, how are things with you and Rex? 렉스랑은 어때?


Bree: Fine. Why do you ask? 좋아. 묻는데?

Lynette: Well, I'm just curious. I mean, he moves out, he moves back in. 
 Is he back
for good?

           그냥 궁금해서. 나갔다, 다시 들어 오고. 이제 아주 들어 거야?

*for good; permanently; for ever


Bree: Uh, the situation is, um, fluid. I'm not certain what his plans are yet.

          상황은 유동적이야. 아직 마음이 뭔지 모르겠어.

*In fact, the situation was fluid; it changed and developed dynamically over several years.


Lynette: So if you're not sure he's back for good, why are you ironing his shirts?

             그럼 아주 지도 모르면서 셔츠는 다려?


Bree: Because I have faith that he'll come back. And that he'll do the right thing.

         돌아 오리라 믿으니까. 그리고 옳은 일을 거란 것도.


Lynette: That's good. It's good to have faith in people.

             좋아. 사람을 믿는 다는 좋은 거지.

Bree: Yeah. But I’d still buy that camera.
그래. 하지만 나라면 카메라는 거야.

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