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Concierge  The Palace Hotel Lobby. 펠리스 호텔 로비입니다.

Nate  Hi, this is Nate Archibald, calling from the Bass suite.
I know you don't normally
give out this information
but can you tell me what room the van der woodsens are in, please?

        , 배스 스위트 룸에 묵고 있는 네이트 아치볼든데요.
보통 이런 정보는 안 알려주신다는 건 압니다만,
반 더 우드슨 가족이 묵고 있는 방 좀 알려주실래요?

*Allow to be known, declare publicly, as in They gave out that she was ill.

/ cf.) Send forth, emit, as in The machine gave out a steady buzzing.

/ Distribute, as in They gave out surplus food every week.

/ Stop functioning, fail; also, become exhausted or used up. For example, The motor

gave out suddenly, or My strength simply gave out.




Serena  Hey, Blair, it's me. Eh, I guess you're still sleeping but I'm gonna come over.
 I think we need to talk. Ok, ehm, see you soon. Bye.

          안녕, 블레어, 나야. 아직 자고 있나 본데 내가 거기로 갈게.
얘기 좀 해야
할 것 같아서. 그래, 이따 보자. 끊어.

Gossip Girl (Voice Over)  Looks like the tables are all set. As soon as the guests arrive 
  we can start
dishing. Here's what's on the menu:

                                식탁은 다 차려진 것 같은데. 손님들이 도착하면 가십거리를
 한 상 내줄게
. 메뉴 판은 여기 있어 

*Ready, in position for some action, as in I'm all set to leave the country. This colloquial

term uses set in the sense of "put in proper position or order." The same meaning

appears in the traditional Ready, get set, go for starting a race; here set means "in

position to start."

*To talk idly, especially to gossip.

* on the menu 메뉴에 올라; 계획[예정]에 들어./ What's on the menu? 메뉴에는 무엇이 있습니까?/ Here are your menus, and I'll be back in a few minutes to take your order. 메뉴판은 여기 있습니다. 몇 분 뒤에 주문을 받으러 다시 오겠습니다.





Serena  Mom, did you borrow my Michelle Perrys?
 Uh, I can't find anything in here!

          엄마, 내 미쉘페리스 빌려 갔어? 여기선 못 찾겠어!

Lily  Well, it might help if you unpacked. Look, you're home now,
it's your life, you should start living it.

        짐을 풀었으면 이 고생 안 하지. 이젠 집에 왔고, 이건 네 삶이니까,
사는 것처럼 살아야지.

Serena  This is not life, this is a hotel which we're living in
  because you decided you didn't like the colour of the walls in our real home.

           이게 사는 거야? 호텔이지,
엄마가 우리 진짜 집 벽지 색깔이 맘에 안 든다고 묵는 거잖아.

Serena  Mom, I said I'd go to this brunch. What do you want from me?

             엄마, 브런치에 간다고 했잖아요. 나한테 뭘 더 바래요?

Lily  Serena, why are you being like this? You love parties. This is just not like you.

      세레나, 네가 왜 이 모양이니? 너 파티 좋아하잖아. 이건 너답지 않아.

Serena  Maybe it is like me. Maybe you don't know what I'm really like.

            아마 이게 나다운 것 일수도 있죠.
엄마가 내 진짜 모습을 모를 수도 있
는 거고.

Lily  Oh, ok, tell me. 좋아, 말 해봐.

Lily  So did you and Dan have fun at the concert last night?

        어제 댄과 콘서트에서는 즐거웠니?

Serena  We, uhm, never made it.
 We actually
ended up at the 'Kiss On The Lips' party.
못 갔어. 사실 키스 온 더 립스 파티에 가게 됐어.

*Also, make it to. Reach a certain point or goal, as in Do you think she'll make it to

graduation? or We finally made it to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Chicago.

/ cf.) Succeed; also, win acceptance. For example, When he won the prize he realized

he'd finally made it,

/ Also, make it with. Have sexual intercourse, as in Tom bragged that he'd made it with

Sue last night.

* Arrive at, result in, finish. For example, He thought he'd end up living in the city, or We

don't know how Nancy will end up.

Lily  Ah, well that must have pleased Blair.

       , 분명 블레어가 좋아했겠네.

Serena  Blair? Actually no, not that pleased.
 Which is why I'm going to talk to her.
블레어? 사실 아니, 그렇게 좋아하지 않던데.
그래서 걔한테 가서 얘기하려는 거야.

Lily  Just be back in time for brunch, ok?
브런치 시간에는 맞춰서 돌아와야 한다, 알았지?

Serena  Mom! 엄마!

Lily  Look, honey, I know how hard it is for you to be back
  but the more you
hide yourself away the more people are gonna think
  you have something to hide.

      얘야, 네가 돌아 와서 힘든 건 아는데, 하지만 네가 더 숨을수록 더 많은
 사람들이 네가 뭘 숨기려 한다고 생각할 거야

*She used to hide away in her room when she got depressed.

Serena  Coming from someone who's keeping my brother in an institution.

              내 동생을 시설에 숨겨 놓으신 분이 말씀은 잘 하네요.

*An opinion comes from a person.

*A place for the care of persons who are destitute, disabled, or mentally ill.

Lily  That's different. I mean it: Don't be late!

        그건 달라. 농담 아니다, 늦지 마라!

* I mean it[or that, what I say]. / I mean business. or I am serious. 진짜야, 농담이 아냐.

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