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Eun sang’s friend drops by the cafe where she works.

He’s Yoon chan young, a platonic childhood buddy.

His girl friend Lee bo na joins them. She tells Eun sang to stop flirting with her boy friend.


차은상: 주문할래 아님 나가줄래?

Are you going to order or leave?


이보나: 대박, 손님한테 이래도 돼? 서비스 완전 엉망이네.

Wow, are you allowed to do this to customers? Talk about service!

*(구어) (명령형) 정말 굉장한이다; (비꼼) 당치도 않은이다

Talk about luck! 정말 운이 좋군!/ Talk about a jerk!  그런 바보도 없다니까!

Talk about a bad day!  오늘 진짜 재수 옴 붙었다!


차은상: 이런 들켰네. Oh no, you got me.


이보나: 찬영아 가자. 너 내일 떠나는데 얘랑 이러는 거 시간 너무 아까워.

Chan young, let’s go! You’re leaving tomorrow.

I don’t want to waste any more time with her.


차은상: 너 어디가? Are you going somewhere?


윤찬영: 그냥 잠깐 어디I’m just…


이보나: 말해 주지마!  Don’t tell her!

나만 알 거야. It’s just between you and me.

근데 너 내가 화이트 베이직에 레드로 포인트 주리고 했잖아.

I thought I told you to wear something red to stand out

when you wear white as a base color.  

섬머징글벨 컨셉이라니까.

It’s called the Summer Jingle Bell concept.


윤찬영: 이거 레드. These are red.


이보나: 이건 래드가 아니라 다크레드지.

That’s not red. That’s dark red.

못 살아!  가자. Gosh! Let’s go.




윤찬영: 미안하다 시간 뺏어서. I’m sorry for taking your time.


이보나: 손님도 없는데 무슨.  There’s no customer anyway.


윤찬영: 문자하자. I will text you.


이보나: 하기만 해!  Don’t you dare!


[Bo-na drags Chan-young away]


차은상: 저 사치 덩어리들. They are so full of luxury.



이보나: 구질구질 주제에 나 무시하고 내 앞에서 기도 안 죽고.

She is poor and she looks down on me.

She never loses her nerve in front of me.

내가 모르는 윤찬영 어린 시절 다 알고 있고. 짜증나!

She knows about your childhood which I don’t even know. It’s so annoying!


윤찬영: 은상이랑 나랑은 그냥 친구야. 네 인생의 반은 친구로 지냈다.

She and I are just friends. We have been friends for half of my life.


이보나: 친구 가능한 남녀 청소년이 세상에 어딨어!  

There’s no such thing. Guys and girls can never be just friends!


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