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시애틀의 잠 못 이루는 밤 (1993)

Sleepless In Seattle 
노라 에프론
톰 행크스, 멕 라이언, 빌 풀먼, 로스 말린저, 롭 라이너
코미디, 로맨스/멜로 | 미국 | 105 분 | 1993-12-18


Annie walks in, anxious to break the spell of her radio reverie. 
She goes to the counter to order some coffee.
The counter WAITRESS LORETTA is talking to the customers
-- who include a TRUCK DRIVER at a booth.

Loretta  I'll bet he's tall with a cute butt. 분명 키도 크고 엉덩이도 이쁠거야.

*“ I bet” is an extremely common way for a person to say that they are certain about something.
“Cute” is a great little word for adorable or precious, and a person’s “butt” is their ass or derriere.


Harriet   Bet he hasn't bathed in weeks and he stinks.

            목욕도 주는 해서 냄새가 지독할 .

Loretta  Harriet, shut up. Hi. Can I help you? 해리엇, 다물어.  어서 오세요?

Annie   Tea with the bag out.  홍차주세요, 봉지는 빼주시고요.

*After prolonged brewing, tannic acid is released, which is bitter.
When tea is served 'bag-in' the presumption is it will be drunk soon.
Serving 'bag-out' allows time to transport the tea to its consumer.

Loretta   You know, maybe I'll just hustle myself out to Seattle.
Give him a little gift for New Year's Eve.

         그냥 시애틀로 서둘러 가서 사람한테 새해 선물 줄지도 몰라.

*“To hustle oneself” to another place is a slangy way of saying to go there, often with great effort because there is no easy transportation.


Harriet  You go on out there if you want to, but don't open his refrigerator. 
They don't cover anything when they put it in the fridge. 
They just
stick it in there and leave it till it walks out by itself. 

           가고 싶으면 . 하지만 냉장고는 열지 마라.
그런 사람들은 냉장고에 음식 넣을 뚜껑을 닫잖아.
음식이 발로 걸어 나올 때까지 그냥 박아 두지.

*to put sth into sth/ I stuck the letter in my pocket to read later. 
나중에 읽으려고 편지를 호주머니에 넣었다.

Loretta  What I'm saying is, I wouldn't kick this guy out of my bed for eating crackers
You know what I'm saying? Sixty-five cents.

           말은, 남자가 침대에서 과자 먹는다고 해도 침대에서 쫓아 버리지는 않을 거야.
알겠어.  65센트입니다.

*She means he is the kind of person she would allow to get away with a lot of things. If she puts up with his cracker crumbs in bed, it means she loves him./ I wouldn't kick her out of bed for farting! I really love her!  ^^

Marcia  Let's take a call before we get back to Sleepless. 
Knoxville, Tennessee, you're on the air. Talk to me.

            드시는 분과 얘기 나누기 전에 전화를 받겠습니다.
녹스빌, 테네시, 연결 됐습니다. 말씀하세요.

Radio   Yes, I would just like to know where I could get this man's address.

            남자분 주소는 어디서 구할 있는지 알고 싶어요.

Loretta  Honey, get in line. 여자야, .

Marcia  We don't give that information on the air.  Next caller, go ahead.

          방송 중에 그런 정보는 주지 않습니다. 다음 , 말씀하세요.

Marcia  If there was one question I was allowed to ask—

          제게 질문 하다 허락하신다면

Sam    Oh, go ahead. 말씀하세요.

Marcia  People who truly loved once are far more likely to love again.
Sam, do you think that there's someone out there
you could love as much as your wife?

           진실한 사랑을 사람들이 다시 사랑을 하는 경우가 많죠.
, 아내 만큼 사랑할 있는 누군가가 세상 어딘가에
있다고 생각하세요?


Sam    Well, Dr. Marcia Fieldstone, that's hard to imagine.

         마샤 필드스톤 박사님, 상상하기 힘든 일이에요.

Marcia  Mmm-hm, what are you going to do? 그럼, 하실 건가요?

Sam    Well, I'm going to get out of bed every morning...  breathe in and out all day long. 
Then after a while I won't have to remind myself... to get out of bed in the morning
and breathe in and out.  And then after a while I won't have to think about how..
I had it great and perfect for a while.

           매일 아침 침대에서 일어나서하루 종일 들이 쉬고, 뱉고 하겠죠.
그리고 시간이 지나면 자신한테 일어나 숨쉬어야 다는 상기시킬
필요가 없어지겠죠. 그리고 시간이 지나면 인생이 잠시나마 얼마나
근사하고 완벽했는지 생각할 필요가 없어지겠죠.

*A grammatically curious way of saying “I had a great life.”

Marcia  Sam, tell me what was so special about your wife.

          , 부인의 어떤 점이 특별했는지 말씀해 주세요. 

Sam    Well, how long is your program?  Oh, well, it was a--It was a million tiny little things. 
When you
added them all up, it just meant we were supposed to be together. 
And I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her.  It was like coming home...
only to no home I'd ever known.  I was just taking her help her out of a car...
and I knew it.  It was like--Magic.

           박사님 프로그램 언제까지 합니까?  , 그게, 그건그건 많은 작은 일들입니다.
모든 합치면, 우린 함께 수밖에 없었다는 거죠. 그리고 알았습니다.
손이 그녀에게 처음 닫는 순간 알았습니다. 집으로 돌아오는 느낌이었죠.
내가 과거에 알고 있었던 집은 아니었어요. 그냥 그녀의 손을 잡고 차에서 내려주는
순간 알았습니다. 그건 마치마법 같았어요.

*“Tiny little” is a poetic use of two similar adjectives that has in fact become fairly common.
“To add up” a group of things is to add them together to make a greater whole.



Annie   Magic. 마법 같았어요.

Marcia  Well, folks, it's time to wrap it up.  I'm Dr. Marcia Fieldstone in Chicago. 
And to all my listeners, a magical and merry Christmas. 
And to you, Sleepless in Seattle, we hope you'll call again soon.  
Let us know
how it's going.

           청취자 여러분, 마칠 시간이 됐군요. 시카고의 마샤 필드스톤입니다.
청취자 여러분, 마법 같은 즐거운 크리스마스 되세요.
그리고 당신, 시애틀의 이루는 분도요,
다시 전화 주시길 바랄게요. 어떻게 지내시는지 알려주세요.

*“To wrap up” a project is to finish it. Colloquial and common.

*If a person asks “How’s it going?,” they’re asking how life is in general.

Sam    Oh, you can count on it. , 그러겠습니다.

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