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로맨틱 홀리데이 (2006)

The Holiday 
낸시 마이어스
카메론 디아즈, 케이트 윈슬렛, 주드 로, 잭 블랙, 엘리 월러치
코미디, 로맨스/멜로 | 미국 | 135 분 | 2006-12-13



Hannah Oh, Jasper. Don't tell me you're still...  , 제스퍼. 너 설마 아직도

*Used to say that you know or can guess what sb is going to say, especially because it is typical of them./ Don’t tell me you were late again!  설마 또 지각한 건 아니지!

Iris No, no, no, that's over. Very over.  아냐, 아냐. 끝났어. 끝났다고.

Hannah What's the story with you two anyway? You were shagging him, weren't you?

             어쨌든 둘 사이 얘기 좀 들어보자. 같이 잤지, ?

*v. Chiefly British Vulgar Slang; To engage in sexual intercourse

Iris More importantly, I was in love with him, truth be known.

      중요한 사람을 사랑했어. 사실은 알아줘.

*= if the truth be known/ told; used to tell sb the true facts about a situation, especially when these are not known by other people.

Hannah Yes, yes.... Then you found out he was shagging that drip from Circulation.

           그래, 그래. 유통부서에 재수없는 계집이랑 잔 것도 알잖아.

*Slang. A tiresome or annoying person.

*circulation 【명사】<distribution> 유통, 시판; 발행 부수.


Iris Which is when I stopped shagging him.
I don’t know if we should be talking about this at the
office party.

     그건 내가 그 이랑 잠자리를 끊었을 때야.
사내 파티에서 이런 얘기 꼭 해야겠어?

*"Jane is madly in love with Tom. He took her by storm at the office party, and they've

been together ever since." "제인은 톰에게 홀딱 반했다. 그는 회사 파티에서 그녀의

마음을 사로잡아, 둘은 그 뒤로 쭉 함께 지낸다."




Hannah But I always see you two together.
            He cheated on you, but you stayed friends?

            근데 계속 만났잖아. 바람 피는데, 친구는 무슨.

Iris I was head over heels, you know? Everyone knew.
Does it look like I'm crying right now?
내가 좀 푹 빠져 있었잖아. 다들 알아. 지금 내가 우는 것처럼 보여?

*head over heels , 아주, 완전히(=completely);

/ She's head over heels in love (with him). 그녀는 (그와의) 사랑에 푹 빠졌다

Hannah No, no, no. No, it just looks like it's the smoke from my cigarette.
  Did he ever actually tell you that he loved you back?

          아니. 내 담배 연기 때문에 그런 걸로 보여. 널 사랑한다고는 그러 든?

Iris Yes. Three, almost four times. And when I reminded him of that,
he said it must have been as
an answer to a question.
Which, by the way, it absolutely was not.

     그럼. , 거의 . 내가 상기시켜 때면 물어서
대답한 거라고 그래. 근데 그건 진짜 대답은 아니었어.

Hannah You know, Iris, when you catch your guy with another woman
  you're not supposed to stay friends with him.
  You're supposed to never talk to the
prick again.
  You're supposed to throw things at him, scream,
call him names.
  Not do his
blooming laundry.

          아이리스, 남자친구가 바람 피면 친구로 지낼 순 없는 거야.
다시는 저 멍청이 아는 척 안 해야지. 물건 집어 던지고, 소리치고,
욕을 해주는 거라고. 빌어먹을 빨래나 해 주는 게 아냐.

*Don't be such a prick! 그렇게 멍청이 같이 굴지 마!

*Its rude to call a person names. 남을 욕하는 것은 무례한 일이다.

/ call a person rough or rude names 남의 욕을 하다

*adj. Chiefly British Slang.; Used as an intensive: a mile swear word/ a blooming hot

day/  a blooming idiot./ What blooming (awful) weather! 지독한 날씨군!

Iris I don't do his laundry. Did someone tell you I do his laundry?
No, no, all we do now is we, we e
mail. Not when he's with her, of course.
Also when he's not with her, we talk on the phone. Sometimes for hours.
And then there's the occasional long lunch.

     빨래 안 해줘. 누가 내가 빨래 해 준다고 그러든? 아니, 우린 메일만 주고 받아.
물론 저 여자 있을 때는 아니지. 저 여자 없으면 전화 통화도 해. 가끔 몇 시간씩.
때론 점심도 같이하고.

Hannah You know, I never realized how pathetic you are.

              니가 처량하다는 걸 왜 진작 몰랐을까.

Iris  Really? Oh, God. I'm so aware of it. 정말? 제길, 아는 .

Hannah They always know just how to get us, don't they?
  He knows whenever he wants to come crawling back into your life...

          우릴 너무 괴롭힌다, 안 그래?
저 작자 지가 원하면 다시 니 인생에 기어 들어 와

*To annoy or irritate: What got me was his utter lack of initiative.

Iris Actually, he has made some small comments like that recently.
He hasn't exactly
come right out and said it...
사실 요즘 그런 얘길 하기는 해. 둘러서 얘길 하긴 하지만

*If only he could come right out and say it. 그가 그것을 솔직히 말하기만 하면 좋을텐데.

Woman Iris, did you file your story?  아이리스, 기사 다 정리했어?

Iris Oh, no, not yet. Down to the wire. Sorry. Better go.

     아니, 아직 . 마감시한 까지 맞춰보죠. 미안, 가야겠다.

*down to the wire; If something goes to the wire, it continues until the last possible moment.( mainly journalism)/《美》 최후까지, 끝까지 (=to the very end)/ We're just about down to the wire with this project.

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