You cannot see this page without javascript. It is wrong to say "Her is cute". You must say "SHE is cute". Her, she, he and him are confusing in English. Ronnie's going to help you understand. Watch HER video and learn the differences. Never make mistakes with these pronouns again after you watch his grammar lesson! Take the quiz here: TRANSCRIPT Hello. How are you? I'm very, very well. Thank you. My name is Ronnie. I'm going to teach you something very easy but a little bit confusing and difficult even if you have studied English or grammar for a while. I hear people make this mistake every day. Again, so this is what we're doing: when you should use "she" or "he" or "his" -- sorry -- "her" or "his". These are two words that a lot of people get confused. First of all, the thing -- or a mistake that a lot of people make is "she" and "he" -- which one's the girl? Which one's the boy? Most of you know that "she" is the girl, but when you speak, you mix it up, and you say, "My mom went to the store. He bought -- " what? He what? Your mom is a "he" now? What happened on the way to the store? Did something happen to your mom that changed it into a "he"? So be careful. "She" is a girl; "he" is a boy. Now, this is the trick. You will remember this forever if you get this. "She" or "he" going to be followed by a verb, okay? So subject + verb. "She" or "he". So "she likes", "he hates", and then, if you want to, you're going to write a noun, or you're going to say a noun. For example, "She likes chickens." "He hates apricots. He doesn't like them at all." So when you use "she" or "he", it's always going to be followed by a verb. When we use "her" or "his", it's going to be followed by a noun because it is a possessive pronoun. So I can say, "her dog" because "dog" is a noun. Or I can say "his chicken". Then, usually, I would use a verb. For example, "Her dog is cute", or "his chicken -- let's say we put an S -- his chickens are -- these are your verbs. Uh-oh -- sexy!" Sexy chicken time! So if you need to remember, "Oh, my God. Do I say -- do I say 'her' or 'his' or 'she' or 'he'?" Just remember: "she" or "he" plus the verb -- any verb you want, and "her" or "his" plus a noun. If you can remember these two very simple things for English grammar, you're going to be, "Hallelujah, Ronnie. You saved my life." You're welcome. Stay tuned. Go to for a quiz on "she", "he", "his", and "hers". 'Til then.
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