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9991 " 그 이상도 그 이하도 아니야 " 영어로? new chanyi 2017-02-20 2
9990 "촌스럽다" 영어로? new chanyi 2017-02-20 2
9989 "언제 출발해요" 영어로? new chanyi 2017-02-20 2
9988 [패턴영어]~에 역점을 두다. GMP is a radioshow with the accent on fun learning. newfile chanyi 2017-02-19 46
9987 [패턴영어] ~할 정도로 ~하다. I was exhausted to the point where I passed out. newfile chanyi 2017-02-18 44
9986 [패턴영어] ~에 귀를 기울이다. It’s like talking to a wall, so he won’t listen. file chanyi 2017-02-13 77
9985 [패턴영어] 정확히 누가/얼마나/..We need to know exactly how much it will cost. file [1] chanyi 2017-01-28 147
9984 [패턴영어] 누구도 ~한적 없지. Nobody said it was the last chance, so try harder! file [1] chanyi 2017-01-28 64
9983 [패턴영어] ~가 대비되다. What he says sharply contrasts with what he does. file chanyi 2017-01-25 70
9982 [패턴영어] ~가 거의 없이 I’m super busy, so I have little freedom at work. file chanyi 2017-01-25 50
9981 09개정 중3 영어 두산동아(김성곤) 8, 9, 10과 예상문제 file chanyi 2017-01-24 10
9980 09개정 중3 영어 능률(김임득) 6과, 7과 예상문제 file chanyi 2017-01-24 8
9979 [패턴영어] 한때 ~했지. He was homeless at one point in his life. file chanyi 2017-01-24 54
9978 [패턴영어] ~기분이 들게 만들어. This news will make you feel much better. file chanyi 2017-01-24 48
9977 [패턴영어] 책임을 돌리다. She always puts the blame on others but herself. file chanyi 2017-01-23 50
9976 [패턴영어] ~할 필요가 있어. We need to defend democracy from racism. file chanyi 2017-01-23 36
9975 [패턴영어] ~에 알레르기가 있어. My girlfriend is allergic to animal hair. file chanyi 2017-01-12 100
9974 [패턴영어] ~는 선택이지, ...가 아냐. Being happy is a choice, not a result at all. file chanyi 2017-01-12 72
9973 실용영어2 능률(이) 1과 - 8과 단어정리 file chanyi 2017-01-11 33
9972 [패턴영어] ~세계에서는 ...하다. In a perfect world, nobody has to work. file chanyi 2017-01-10 76
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