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VOA News First Self Driving Truck Debuts on European Highways

  • chanyi
  • 2017-09-29
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The first automated semi-trailer truck started its maiden voyage Friday, Oct. 2, on a European highway. The Daimler truck called 'Actros' is the first potentially . Three cars and a truck successfully drove themselves 125 miles down a highway in Spain, using radar and laser tracking to follow each other closely while their . A convoy of self-driven cars recently completed a first test drive on a public freeway in Spain. The 200km test drive is part of the Safe Road Trains for the . The Mercedes-...

VOA News Middle East Tensions Rise as Russian Warplanes Violate Turkish Airspace

NATO member Turkey said Monday that Russian jets have violated its airspace near the border with Syria multiple times over the past two days. Analysts tell VOA that Russian airstrikes in Syria and its incursion into Turkey have changed the dynamics of the Syrian conflict. VOA's Sharon Behn reports. 원문출처 :

VOA News Ukranian Artist Portrays Putin in an Unusual Way

As Russian President Vladimir Putin was addressing the United Nations in New York last month, he was also being featured in an art exhibition in Washington. It’s not a flattering exhibit. It’s done by a Ukrainian artist in a unique medium. And its creator says it’s not only a work of art - it’s a political statement. VOA’s Tetiana Kharchenko has more. 원문출처 :

VOA News Organizations in Illinois Anticipate Increase in Syrian Refugees

Responding to the growing refugee crisis in Europe stemming from the civil war in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry announced the United States is increasing the number of refugees it accepts from 70,000 to 100,000 by 2017. About 1500 refugees from Syria have resettled in the U.S. since the war began. As VOA’s Kane Farabaugh reports, organizations in the Midwestern state of Illinois are preparing for an increase in those numbers as the war in Syria drags on. 원문출처 : http://www.youtub...

VOA News Lax Laws, Poor Enforcement Dirty Nairobi's Air

Around the world, according to the U.N., nearly 4 million people die of complications from outdoor air pollution. Nairobi’s air is hazardous to your health, experts say. The city recently helped launch a U.N.-backed air monitoring system aimed at controlling the problem. But activists say pollution laws already on the books are too lax, enforcement is weak, and people’s health is suffering. VOA’s Steve Baragona has more. 원문출처 :

VOA News Pakistani Migrants Outnumber Syrians in One Turkish Town

Turkey is the gateway to Europe for economic migrants from South Asia and the Middle East. While the world remains focused on Syrian migrants in Turkey, one Turkish town, Bodrum, has more migrants from Pakistan than Syria, and some recently prepared to embark on a sea journey to reach Greece and other destinations in Europe. Kokab Farshori narrates this report from VOA's Tan Cetin. 원문출처 :

VOA News Supermoon Eclipse Will Be Last Until 2033

Get set for a spectacular celestial event: An eclipse of a supermoon will occur next week, and there won't be another one for 18 years. VOA’s Rosanne Skirble reports. 원문출처 :

VOA News Tension Between Migrants Grows Over Europe Asylum Policy

Europe faces the task of processing hundreds of thousands of refugee applications – and identifying those in genuine need of asylum. But as Henry Ridgwell reports from the Croatian-Serbian border, there are claims that some migrants are carrying fake Syrian passports – creating tensions with Syrian nationals. 원문출처 :

VOA News Expectations Low for China President’s US Trip

Chinese President Xi Jinping embarks on his first state visit to the United States this week, which includes talks with President Obama, meetings with business leaders, and a trip to the United Nations in New York. Although analysts are watching the trip closely for signs of shifts in the U.S. relationship, there are few big expectations among people in Beijing. VOA’s William Ide has more from China’s capital city. 원문출처 :

VOA News Kerry: US to Boost Annual Migrant Quota

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the Obama administration will increase the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States to 100,000 annually in 2017, as Europe grapples with its largest influx of migrants since the end of World War II. 원문출처 :

VOA News Pope Francis’ Non-Judgmental Approach Splits US Church

Pope Francis’s statements on climate change, economic inequality and immigration have all spiced up the political debate in the United States. But when he arrives here on Monday (Sept. 22) for a five-day visit, he will find deep divisions within his church over the main message of his papacy. VOA religion correspondent Jerome Socolovsky reports from Philadelphia. 원문출처 :

VOA News Washington Awaits Pope Francis

Washington is just days away from the historic visit of Pope Francis. In the capital, the pontiff will do what heads of states do: visit the president and address a joint meeting of Congress. It’s an exciting time for the estimated 69 million Catholics in the U.S. But it’s not just believers who are waiting for the popular pontiff. With Joy Wagner narrating, VOA’s Roman Mamonov reports. 원문출처 :

VOA News Gere Makes Homelessness Visible in New Film

Actor and activist Richard Gere and filmmaker Oren Moverman tackle homelessness in the film drama "Time Out of Mind." Gere offers a memorable performance as George, a homeless man who struggles to stay relevant in a society that does not acknowledge his existence. VOA's Penelope Poulou reports. 원문출처 :

VOA News Europe Missed Signs of Refugee Crisis After Arab Spring Spawned Mideast Conflicts

Europe is only now being forced to take seriously the refugee crisis that's been roiling the Middle East and North Africa since civil conflict gathered pace after the Arab Spring uprisings more than four years ago. Jamie Dettmer reports for VOA on the many, often-ignored warning signs that led to this point. 원문출처 :

VOA News In Paris, 2 Faces of the Migrant Crisis

As France begins welcoming its first batch of Iraqis and Syrians out of 24,000 due to be resettled from elsewhere in Europe, questions are mounting over the status and treatment of longer-term migrants. Many of them are sleeping in the street, as the country scrambles to find new housing. Lisa Bryant reports from Paris. 원문출처 :

VOA News Intense Migrant Flow Puts Pressure on Germany

Germany, the destination of choice for many of the migrants entering Europe, is facing questions on how it will deal with the influx. Refugees have been entering at a rate of 1,800 per day from the Austrian border, despite border restrictions enforced since Sunday. VOA Europe correspondent Luis Ramirez reports from Munich. 원문출처 :

VOA News Ancient Mayan Civilization Adapted to Climate Change

The ancient Maya of southern Mexico and Central America are often described as a “lost civilization.” But instead of suddenly collapsing a thousand years ago as some archaeologists once thought, current research shows Mayan society underwent a transition based to some extent on environmental changes that the Maya themselves may have caused. 원문출처 :

VOA News Colin Kahl on Iran Nuclear Deal

VOA's Persian service talked to Colin Kahl, Vice President Joe Biden's national security adviser, about the Iran nuclear agreement. 원문출처 :

VOA News New Poll Shows Carson Pulling Close to Trump

A new poll shows that Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson has caught up with billionaire Donald Trump on the eve of the second Republican debate. According to the New York Times/CBS News poll conducted from September 9 to 13, Trump remains in the lead with 27 percent support, compared to 24 percent in the previous poll. But retired surgeon Carson is second with 23 percent. Zlatica Hoke has more. 원문출처 :

VOA News Inner City Orchestra Highlights LA Youth Talent

The Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles highlights the talents of minority young people in neighborhoods often seen as plagued with crime and violence. Mike O'Sullivan joined the orchestra in rehearsal, and reports the young musicians are using their music to send a message. 원문출처 :

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