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VOA News Baseball Terms: This Is a Whole New Ballgame(VOA NEWS) file [1]

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-07-13
  • 조회 수 4107

 아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "mc818f2bc7f3d5b76e8c8b91ad460c44e1936") Now, the VOA Special English program, Words and Their Stories. Baseball is America’s national sport. So it is not unusual that many popular expressions come from baseball. But first, let me explain a little about the game. Each baseball team has nine players. The pitcher of one team throws the ball to a batter from the other team. The batter attempts to hit the ball. If he misses, it is called a strike. If a...

VOA News US Drought Renews Debate on Biofuel file

This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report , from | American officials have sharply reduced their expectations for this year's corn and soybean crops. Farmers in the Midwest are struggling with record heat and the worst drought in years. The United States is the world's largest producer of corn and soybeans. In August, the Agriculture Department predicted that corn production would total 10.8 billion bushels this year. Th...

VOA News "Staying Safe: Food Safety After a Flood"-VOA News

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-09-08
  • 조회 수 3241

출처: 네이버 황인영영어카페 아이디: TeachMe Dana(dwsalang1105) "Staying Safe: Food Safety After a Flood" 홍수 뒤 유의해야 할 음식 안전 아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "m8ccefb63f81c20921bf13d656bd80eb7588") This is the VOA Special English Development Report. 이 기사는 VOA 스페셜 영어 개발 기사입니다. Food that has come in contact with floodwaters can sicken anyone who eats it. Water from floods may contain animal and human waste. It can also contain other pollutants like chemicals from agricul...

CNN CNN Student News - March 22, 2013

Today, we examine the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and tension on the Korean Peninsula, and we hear about the benefits of chess for some Philadelphia students. STUDENT NEWS President Obama`s Middle East Visit; Will Cyprus Get a Bailout? Aired March 22, 2013 - 04:00:00 ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Fridays are awesome. As are you for spending for part of your Friday with CNN STUDENT NEWS. We talked a lot this week a...

VOA News Growing Trees in the Desert,- 'Waterboxx'(VOA News) file

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-08-14
  • 조회 수 2647

This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report. writeCode('', "m83826cd1c8ad6eca24ce28e7a0c9bd743094") 12 July 2010 download MP3 아이폰으로 청취가능 Pieter Hoff used to export lilies and tulips from the Netherlands. He retired from the flower export business seven years ago. Now, he is trying to help people grow trees and plants in the desert -- and save water. (Pieter Hoff는 백합과 튤립을 네덜란드로부터 수출하곤 했습니다. 그는 꽃을 수출하는 기업으로부터 7년전에 은퇴했습니다. 지금, 그는 사막...

VOA News 계란 저장하는 방법(음성&대본) file

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-02-20
  • 조회 수 2446

아이폰으로 청취가능 The new safety measures storage of eggs American officials have announced new safety measures for the sale and storage of eggs. The measures are designed to protect Americans from becoming sick from bacteria sometimes found in eggs. 미 관리는 계란 저장과 판매를 위한 새 안전책을 발표했다. 조치는 때때로 계란에서 발견된 박테리아로 인해 앓게 되는 것을 막기 위한 것이다. Most sicknesses caused by eggs result when the eggs are uncooked or not cooked enough. Eggs and their shells onc...


  • Chanyi
  • 2010-10-17
  • 조회 수 2367

WORDS AND THEIR STORIES: Water 아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "mdf94b0ad74d379c88bf91d9543a7efb12660") Expressions about water are almost as common as water itself. But many of the expressions using water have unpleasant meanings. 물에 관련된 표현은 물 만큼이나 흔하게 찾아볼 수 있습니다. 그러나 물이 들어간 많은 표현들은 좋지 않은 의미를 갖고 있습니다. The expression to be in hot water is one of them. It is a very old expression. Hot water was used five hundred years ago to mean being in troub...

VOA News Study Finds No Reason to Delay Pregnancy After a Miscarriage(VOA News)

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-08-16
  • 조회 수 2338

This is the VOA Special English Health Report. 아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "ma5a1ed0971e9863ba0519b8e9ad4a4bc502") A miscarriage is the natural loss of a pregnancy before the twentieth week. This happens to as many as twenty percent of known pregnancies. (유산은 20주 이전에 자연스런 임신의 손실이다. 이것은 임신의 20% 만큼 많은 사람에게 일어난다.) pregnancy loss: miscarriage(유산), Known or suspected pregnancy:임신 혹은 임신이 의심되는 경우 Experts say man...

VOA News Words and Their Stories: In the Red file [1]

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-10-17
  • 조회 수 2225

아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "m35565ad3a932d701c377c7f43ae300a05843") Now, WORDS AND THEIR STORIES, a VOA Special English program about American expressions. 자, VOA 미국인들의 표현에 대한 스페셜영어프로그램, WORDS AND THEIR STORIES입니다. I'm Rich Kleinfeldt with some financial words and expressions used in business and the stock market. 저는 Rich kleinfeldt 입니다. 기업과 주식시장에서 사용되는 몇몇 재정에 관한 단어와 표현들을 다루어 볼까 합니다. Our first expression is "in the red." It is...

VOA News Teaching the Dangers of Distracted Driving(VOA NEWS)

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-10-05
  • 조회 수 2093

아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "m76a8a176e8e37ea8e2f2d7198723788d446") "Teaching the Dangers of Distracted Driving, Before It's Too Late" 더 늦기 전에 부주의 운전의 위험성을 알려라 This is the VOA Special English Education Report. 이 기사는 VOA 스페셜 영어 교육 기사입니다. Car crashes are the top killer of American teenagers. Most of the crashes result from distracted driving - not paying attention to the road. Ryan Didone was a fifteen-year-old passenger in a car that hit a tree. He was one ...

VOA News Hand Washing Is Up in Public Restrooms in US file

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-10-06
  • 조회 수 2017

아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "mbe61c419538c136a032a112f825e87699135") "Hand Washing Is Up in Public Restrooms in US" "공공화장실 사용 후 손 씻기의 중요성" This is the VOA Special English Health Report. 이 기사는 VOA 스페셜 영어 건강 기사입니다. Every few years, two groups do a study of how many Americans wash their hands after using the toilet. These groups are the American Society for Microbiology and the American Cleaning Institute, formerly the Soap and Detergent Association. There was g...

VOA News Ear Care: Do-It-Yourself Wax Removal

  • chanyi
  • 2012-01-07
  • 조회 수 1929

Some people's ears produce wax like busy little bees.(어떤 사람들의 귀는 분주한 작은 벌들처럼 귀지를 만들어낸다.) This can be a problem even though earwax appears to serve an important purpose.(귀지가 중요한 역할을 하는듯 하지만 이것은 문제가 될 수 있다.) It protects and cleans the ear.(귀지는 귀를 보호하고 깨끗케 해준다.) It traps dirt and other matter, and it keeps insects out.(귀지는 먼지나 다른 물질을 가두어 주며, 곤충들이 들어오지 못하게 막아준다. ) Doctors think earwax might also help prot...

VOA News Physical Activity in Teens Linked to Mental Skills Late in Life file [1]

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-10-16
  • 조회 수 1918

아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "m13a042795a62764c5174e0a29b1907644847") Physical Activity in Teens Linked to Mental Skills Late in Life (06 July 2010) 10대때 신체적활동이 인행에서 나중에 정신적 능력과 연결됩니다. This is the VOA Special English Health Report. 이것은 VOA 스페셜잉글리쉬 건강보고서입니다. How active you are early in life may affect how able-minded you are late in life. That was the finding of a new study of cognitive impairment, or a loss in mental abilities. 인생 초기에 당신이 ...

VOA News Early Classes = Sleepy Teens (Duh!) file

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-10-10
  • 조회 수 1916

아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "mb8fdf86a109d657d8d91f5348365b8422607") This is the VOA Special English Education Report. Surveys of American teenagers find that about half of them do not get enough sleep on school nights. They get an average of sixty to ninety minutes less than experts say they need. 미국 10대 들에 대한 조사에 따르면 대략 그들의 반이 평일에 충분한 잠을 못 이룬다고 합니다. 그들은 전문가들에 따르면 그들이 필요한 잠의 평균 60-90분 적은 수면을 취한다고 합니다. school nights:평일...

VOA News Unwrapping the Genetic Secrets of a Chocolate Bar file

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-11-07
  • 조회 수 1909

아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "m60c5015f658f444cacafc9d2777df93e4483") This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report. VOA 스페셜 잉글리쉬 농업보고서입니다. Cacao or cocoa trees grow in hot, rainy areas of Africa, Asia and Central and South America. Their beans are used to make cocoa powder, cocoa butter and of course chocolate. 카카오 또는 코코아 나무는 아프리카, 아시아와 중남아메리카의 뜨겁고 비가많은 지역에서 자랍니다. There are five to six million growers, maybe more. Many are poor f...

VOA News "Jailed Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Wins Nobel Peace Prize" file

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-10-19
  • 조회 수 1740

아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "me69a38e743875d7c765db287068ed4bb8714") [Full Text]"Jailed Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Wins Nobel Peace Prize" "감옥 수감중인 반체제인사 리우 시아오보 박사에게 수여된 노벨 평화 상" dissident: 반체제인사 This is IN THE NEWS in VOA Special English. 이 기사는 VOA IN THE NEWS 스페셜 기사입니다. This year's winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Liu Xiaobo, is a fifty-four-year-old dissident and writer jailed in China. He was detained at the end of two thousand eight, be...

VOA News Microsoft Competes Against Apple With New Tablet file

This is the VOA Special English Technology Report, from | Microsoft has announced its first tablet computer. The device, called the Surface, is designed to compete directly with the popular Apple iPad. The computer software maker announced its new tablet in June at a media event in Los Angeles. Microsoft will offer two versions of the Surface. Each has a different processor. The Surface for Windows RT runs on an ARM processor. It...

VOA News "In the Garden: Getting Started With Roses" file [1]

  • chanyi
  • 2011-01-29
  • 조회 수 1681

아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "m1ef0283f4913143d5f3d2b85a85456c11617") "In the Garden: Getting Started With Roses" "장미 키우기" This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report. 이 기사는 VOA 스페셜 영어 농업 기사입니다. Most kinds of rose plants come from Asia. But roses are also native to other areas including northwest Africa, Europe and the United States. In nineteen eighty-six, Congress chose the rose as America's national flower. Technically, Congress and President Ronald Reagan dec...

VOA News Eureka: The Word Just Burst Out! file

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-10-21
  • 조회 수 1678

아이폰으로 청취가능 Eureka: The Word Just Burst Out! Now, the VOA Special English program, WORDS AND THEIR STORIES. Our word today is eureka. It is a kind of word called an expletive. Expletives are quick, short outcries of pain, surprise, anger or joy. We hear them all the time. 오늘의 단어는 유레카입니다. 유레카는 감탄사입니다. 감탄사는 고통, 놀람, 노여움, 혹은 기쁨을 빠르고 짧게 소리 지르는 것입니다. Ow! Wow! Holy smoke! Yikes! Some are considered not nice. They cannot be repeated here! 우리...

VOA News How Failure Can Lead to Long Lasting Knowledge? file

  • Chanyi
  • 2010-10-09
  • 조회 수 1647 아이폰으로 청취가능 writeCode('', "m9c1fbfe0fecf2ef252122e986a8448fe8331") This is the VOA Special English Education Report. No one likes to make mistakes. But a new study says organizations learn more from their failures than their successes, and keep that knowledge longer. 어떤 이도 실수하기를 좋아하지 않습니다. 그러나 새로운 연구에 의하면 조직들은 실수로부터 더 많은 것을 배우고 그 지식은 더 오래 유지 된다고 한다. One of the researchers was Vi...

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