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1) Pattern Talk

Do you know how much he +과거동사?

그가 얼마나 ~했는지 아니?

Do you know how much he risked?
그가 얼마나 위험을 감수했는지 아니?

Do you know how much he traveled?
그가 얼마나 여행했는지 아니?

Do you know how much he prepared?
그가 얼마나 준비했는지 아니?

Do you know how much he practiced?
그가 얼마나 연습했는지 아니?
Do you know how much he witnessed?
그가 얼마나 목격했는지 아니?

2) Role play
A : The police interviewed Bob.
경찰이 밥을 취조했어.

B : Do you know how much he witnessed? 
걔가 얼마나 목격했는지 아니?

A : He said he saw the whole thing.
걔가 전체 다 봤다고 그러던데.
출처: 굿모닝팝스 2010.08.03
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