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98 [패턴영어] ~를 끄집어내는.. Paul is the one who brings out the best in you. file chanyi 2016-05-16 885
97 [패턴영어] ~한다는 것이 쉽지는 않아. Learning Spanish isn’t as easy as it looks. file [1] chanyi 2016-05-14 1004
96 [패턴영어] ~하지 않으면, ~할걸. If you don’t try, you’ll never don’t know how it feels. file chanyi 2016-05-14 980
95 [패턴영어] ~은 커다란 충격이야. His announcement came as a big shock to me. file chanyi 2016-05-14 714
94 [패턴영어] ~하려면 시간이 ...얼마 더 있어야돼. We’re still 10 years away from seeing this medicine. file chanyi 2016-05-14 725
93 [패턴영어] ~하느라 바뻐. We’re all busy preparing a party for our parents. file chanyi 2016-05-14 702
92 [패턴영어] ~한 이유라도 있어? Do you see any reasons why it didn’t work? file chanyi 2016-05-08 615
91 [패턴영어] 나에게 ...은 영감을 줬어. Evans inspired me to become a jazz pianist. file chanyi 2016-05-05 662
90 [패턴영어] ~의 ...예야. Sandra is a shining example of a creative designer. file chanyi 2016-05-05 683
89 [패턴영어] ~하다니 운이 없네. It’s unfortunate that you’re taking the test again. file chanyi 2016-05-05 629
88 [패턴영어] 아직 ~할 준비가 되지 않았어. This DNA tech isn’t ready for use in people, yet. file chanyi 2016-05-05 829
87 [패턴영어] ~하다니 관대하시네요. It’s very generous of you to help me. file chanyi 2016-04-30 882
86 [패턴영어] ~란 ~에 대한 것이지. Life is all about making your own choices. file chanyi 2016-04-30 740
85 [패턴영어] ~가 가장 최신의 ~야. It looks strange, but it’s the latest thing in fashion. file [1] chanyi 2016-04-27 715
84 [패턴영어] ...와 ~에 대해 논쟁을 했어. I argued with my best friend over politics. file [1] chanyi 2016-04-27 685
83 [패턴영어] ~하는것은 ~하지마. Don’t stay in a bad relationship that hurts you. file [1] chanyi 2016-04-25 731
82 [패턴영어] ~가 성공 혹은 실패를 안겨주지. Problems in life make or break people. file chanyi 2016-04-23 616
81 [패턴영어] ~하지 않는다면, 그건 ...한다는 거야. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re doing nothing. file chanyi 2016-04-23 835
80 [패턴영어] 조만간 ~할 거야. Sooner or later, it’ll turn in your favor. file chanyi 2016-04-20 1004
79 [패턴영어] ~이 통제하에 있어. We’ve got everything under control now. file chanyi 2016-04-19 687
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