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isn't she lovely _ 해석.hwp

isn't she lovely _ 빈칸.hwp

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely


Isn't she lovely

 사랑스럽지 않나요


Isn't she wonderful

정말 놀랍지 않나요


Isn't she precious

정말 소중하지 않나요


Less than one minute old

태어난  1분도 지나지 않았어요



I never thought through love we'd be

상상도 못했죠우리의 사랑이


Making one as lovely as she

이렇게 사랑스러운 아이를 탄생시킬 


But isn't she lovely, made from love

근데 정말 사랑스럽지 않나요사랑으로 태어난  아이가



Isn't she pretty

정말 예쁘지 않나요


Truly the angel's best

진정으로 천사의 최고 걸작이에요


Boy, I'm so happy

너무도 행복하네요



We have been Heaven blessed

우린 하늘의 축복을 받았죠


I can't believe what God has done

신께서 하신 일이 믿기지 않아요


Through us He's given life to one

우리를 통해 생명을 주셨어요


But isn't she lovely, made from love

근데 정말 사랑스럽지 않나요사랑으로 태어난  아이가



Isn't she lovely

정말 사랑스럽지 않나요


Life and love are the same

생명과 사랑은 같은 거에요


Life is Aisha

생명은 아이샤 라고 하죠


The meaning of her name

 아이 이름의 뜻이에요



Londie, it could have not been done

론디 일은 불가능했을 거에요


Without you, who conceived the one

아이를 가지고 있던 그대가 아니었다면


That's so very lovely, made from love

그건 사랑으로 만들어진 너무 사랑스러운 일이죠


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