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공지 팝송 289곡 분석 및 가사 file [4] chanyi 12968 2011-02-26

Sea of Heartbreak - Poco file

Sea Of Heartbreak-빈칸.hwp Sea Of Heartbreak.hwp Sea Of Heartbreak.hwp Sea Of Heartbreak-빈칸.hwp Sea Of Heartbreak.hwp Sea Of Heartbreak.hwp Sea Of Heartbreak - Poco Sea of heartbreak / Poco The ligh...

  • 2012-04-08

Phil Collins - True Colors file

You with the sad eyes 슬픈 눈을 가진 그대여 Don't be discouraged 낙담하지 말아요 Oh I realize 난 알아요 It's hard to take courage 용기를 가진다는 것이 어려운 일이란 걸 In a world full of people 사람들...

  • 2012-04-07

Wonderful World - Sam Cooke file [1]

Wonderful World (by Sam Cooke) Don't know much about history Don't know much biology Don't know much about a science book Don't know much about the French I took But I do know that I love you And I kn...

  • 2012-03-22

Hotel California - Eagles file [1]

On a dark desert highway 어두운 사막의 고속도로에서 Cool wind in my hair 내 머리로 차가운 바람이 불고 The warm smell of colitas 콜리타스의 은은한 냄새가 Rising up through the air 대기에 진동하네 Up ah...

  • 2012-03-11

How am I supposed to live without you-Miahael Bolton file [1]

How am I supposed to live without you Song by Michael Bolton I could hardly believe it when I heard the news today ( 오늘 내게 새로운 소식이 들려왔을때 난 거의 믿지 않았어요 ) I had to come and get it...

  • 2012-03-11

Song 2 - Blur file

Blur - Song2   Woo- Hoo (x4)   I got my head checked 내가 멀쩡한지 좀 봤어 By a jumbo jet 점보 제트기에서 It wasn't easy 간단하진 않았어 But nothing is, no 하지만 아무 문제 없던데   Woo- Hoo Woo- H...

  • 2012-03-08

Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen file

Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen I'm just the pieces of the man I used to be 이제 나는 예전의 내 일부분에 불과할 뿐이에요 Too many bitter tears are raining down on me 쓰라린 눈물을 비오듯이 너무 많...

  • 2012-03-08

Andy Williams - Happy Heart file

Andy Williams - Happy Heart There's a certain sound Always follows me around When you're close to me you will hear it 언제나 나를 따라 다니는 어떤 소리가 있어요 당신도 내게 가까이 오면 들을 수 있을 거...

  • 2012-03-08

Circle of Life - Elton John file

- Circle Of Life / Elton John - From the day we arrive on the planet 우리가 이 행성에 도착해 And blinking, step into the sun 눈을 깜박이며 태양 아래로 들어온 날부터 There's more to be seen 볼 수 있는 ...

  • 2012-03-08


Delilah - by Tom Jones (1절) I saw the light on the night that I passed by her window 그날 밤 그이의 창가를 지나다 불빛을 봤다네 I saw the flickering shadows of love on her blind 블라인드에 비쳐 흔들...

  • 2012-03-08

Kansas - Dust In the Wind file

I close my eyes only for the moment 잠시 동안 눈을 감으면 and the moment's gone 그 순간은 사라지죠 All my dreams 나의 모든 꿈은 pass before my eyes a curiosity 눈앞을 지나쳐 갑니다 (세상에 대한)호기심...

  • 2012-03-08

Eternal Flame -The Bangles file

Eternal Flame (영원한사랑)/The Bangles Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling. 두 눈을 감고, 내게 손을 주세요, 그대여 Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand 당신은 나의 심장이 고동치는 ...

  • 2012-03-08

Stairway to Heaven - Red Zepplin file

Stairway to Heaven -Led Zepplin There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold 빛나는 것은 모두 금이라고 믿는 숙녀가 있었습니다 And she's buying a stairway to heaven 그리고 그녀는 천국으로 가는 ...

  • 2012-03-04

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood -The Animals file

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Animals(1965) Baby, do you understand me now 내 사랑, 이제 날 이해하나요 Sometimes I feel a little mad 나도 가끔은 화도 내고 그러는거 같은데 But don't you know that...

  • 2012-02-21

Puff The Magic Dragon-Peter, Paul & Mary file

Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea 마술 용 퍼프는 바다에서 살았지 And frolicked in the autumn mist In a land called honah lee 그리고 하나리라고 불리는 섬 안개 가을속에서 뛰어놀았지 Little jackie p...

  • 2012-02-19
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