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 <to~ing> 형태의 표현들

- <to~ing> 표현에서 to 는 전치사이고 그 때문에 뒤에 동명사가 나오는 것입니다. <to+R> 형태의 부정사와 구별할 필요가 있습니다.

look forward to ~ing:~하기를 학수 고대하다

object to ~ing:~하는 것에 반대하다

be opposed to ~ing: ~하는 것에 반대하다 (=be opposed to ~ing)

be used to ~ing:~하는 것에 익숙하다 (=be accustomed to ~ing)

get used to ~ing : ~하는 것에 익숙해지다 (=get accustomed to ~ing)

commit oneself to ~ing:~에 전력을 다하다

devote oneself to ~ing:~에 정성을다하다

be devoted to ~ing~에 헌신하다, ~에 전념하다

dedicate oneself to ~ing:~에 전념하다

be addicted to ~ing:~을 탐닉하다

resort to ~ing:~에 의존하다

fall to ~ing:~에 빠져들기 시작하다

take to ~ing:; ~에 전념하다, ~에 습관이 들다

 He took to drinking 그는 음주에 빠졌다

 He took to gambling 그는 도박에 빠졌다

when it comes to ~ing:~라면

with a view to ~ing:~할 목적으로

confess to ~ing:~을 고백하다

in addition to ~ing:~에 덧붙여

what do you say to ~ing:~하는 게 어때요?

see to -ing:~하도록 주의하다 신경쓰다

1. Fueled by a lifelong love of literature, Gonzales has devoted himself to ( provide / providing ) people with more access to literature.

2. We have moved from going to a football game once a week to (have / having) sports on television twenty-four hours a day

3. In ancient times, women in Greece were not (A)[allowed/allowing] to take part in the Olympic Games. Women were first invited to participate in the modern Olympics in 1912. (B)[Since/Until] then, women’s events have become very important and popular. People look forward to (C)[watch/watching] women’s gymnastics in particular. Girls and boys all around the world today admire women athletes in the Olympics.

to ~ing(표현정리).hwp  전치사_to로_쓰이는_관용구.hwp  

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