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1. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 말에 대한 여자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

① Can you change the rooms?
② Could you fill this out, please?
③ I'm afraid we're all booked tonight?
④ I want a twin room with a bank.
⑤ You have to check out at 10 o'clock.

2. 대화를 듣고, 여자의 마지막 말에 대한 남자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

① I'll give you a hand.
② Take it from me, please.]
③ I am sorry I'll quit school.
④ OK. I'll pick her up at five.
⑤ Yes, I'll apologize to her for it.

3. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 대한 여자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

① Help yourself, please.
② OK, let's get some fast food.
③ I'm having my lunch delivered.
④ Great idea! Let's go to "La Fondue."
⑤ Please give me two orders of French fries.

4. 대화를 듣고, 여자의 마지막 말에 대한 남자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르

① I'd like to deposit my bag.
② You can call me, if it arrives.
③ Please keep this bag until tomorrow.
④ Thank you. I'll send it up right away.
⑤ I don't know how to thank her enough.

5. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 대한 여자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

① Thanks, that'll help.
② I'm sorry I can't go there.
③ OK. I'll give you this magazine.
④ That's fine. Then, see you at ABC.
⑤ Let's watch TV and kill some time.

6. 대화를 듣고, 여자의 마지막 말에 대한 남자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

① Really? You let me down.
② Right! It's a piece of cake.
③ What a relief! Just be yourself.
④ Calm down! Just be yourself.
⑤ Are you serious? That's terrific!

7. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 이어질 여자의 응답으로 가장 알맞은 것을 고르시오.

① Don't worry. I'll see what I can do.
② That must be true. I'll show you the receipt.
③ Good for you. That was really honest of you.
④ I believe you're lying. How come you're late?
⑤ That sounds all right. Can I see your license?

8. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 이어질 여자의 응답으로 가장 알맞은 것을 고르시오.

  ① Oh, no. You've lost me.
  ② I enjoyed every minute of it.
  ③ Never say that. It was awful.
  ④ I wonder if it was a great party.
  ⑤ You mean you had a party last Saturday?

9. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 이어질 여자의 응답으로 가장 알맞은 것을 고르시오.

① Sure. I'd be glad to.
② I'll fix dinner for you.
③ I've never used it before.
④ It has been a long day today.
⑤ I want to buy it on the Internet.

10. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 대한 여자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르세요.

① $20 bills, please.
② Charge it, please.
③ Money is no object.
④ Do you have money on you?
⑤ I think you got your money's worth.


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