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I've been so worn out these days.

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1) Pattern Talk

I've been so 형용사 these day.

요즘 너무 ~했어.

I've been so gruff these days.  
요즘 너무 무뚝뚝했어.

I've been so lucky these days.
요즘 정말 운이 좋았어.

I've been so tied up these days.
요즘 너무 바빴어.

I've been so upbeat these days.
요즘 정말 부푼 기분이었어.

worn out.jpg
I've been so worn out these days.
요즘 너무 지쳤어.

  2) Role Play

A : How come you're so down in the mouth?

왜 그렇게 우울해?

B : I've been so worn out these days.

요새 너무 지쳤었어.

A : You need a breather.

좀 쉬어야 겠네.
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