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1) Pattern Talk

I was + ~ing + when you called me. 
네가 전화했을 때 ~하는 중이었어.

I was driving when you called me.
네가 전화했을 때 운전하는 중이었어.

I was cooking when you called me.
네가 전화했을 때 요리하는 중이었어.

I was sleeping when you called me.
네가 전화했을 때 자는 중이었어.

I was working when you called me.
네가 전화했을 때 일하는 중이었어.
I was showering when you called me.
네가 전화했을 때 샤워하는 중이었어.

2) Role Play
A : I called, but you didn't pick up.
전화했었는데 안 받더라.

B : I was showering when you called me.
네가 전화했을 때 샤워 중이었어.

A : I figured you were busy.
바빴을 거라 생각했어.

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출처: 굿모닝팝스 2010.08.23


2012.03.17 23:55:14


I called , but you didn't pick up


did 랑 같이 있으니까 pock란 단어가 있다하더라도 pick 이랑 친하겠죠?

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