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1) Pattern Talk 

I don't know anything about + 명사.
난 ~에 대해선 전혀 몰라.

I don't know anything about car.
난 차에 대해선 전혀 몰라.

I don't know anything about wines.
난 포도주에 대해선 전혀 몰라.
I don't know anything about plants.
난 식물에 대해선 전혀 몰라.

I don't know anything about fashion.
난 폐션에 대해선 전혀 몰라.

I don't know anything about the law.
난 그 법에 대해선 전혀 몰라.

2) Role Play
A : Another houseplant died on me.
화초를 또 하나 죽이고 말았네.
B : I thought you had a green thumb.

너 회초 재배 잘하는 줄 알았는데.
A :
I don't know anything about plants.
난 식물에 대해서 전혀 몰라.

출처: 굿모닝팝스 2010.10.06
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