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Seoul has a lot of skyscrapers.

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1) Pattern Talk

Seoul has a lot of + 명사.
서울에는 ~이 많아.

Seoul has a lot of landmarks.
서울에는 눈에 띄는 큰 건물이 많아.

Seoul has a lot of skyscrapers.
서울에는 고층 건물이 많아.

Seoul has a lot of nice restaurants.
서울에는 멋진 식당이 많아.

Seoul has a lot of tourist attractions.
서울에는 관광 명소가 많아.

Seoul has a lot of department stores.
서울에는 백화점이 많아.

2) Role Play

A : What's your impression of Seoul?

서울에 대한 인상이 어때?

B : Seoul has a lot of skyscrapers.

서울에는 고층 건물이 많아.

A : It's an ever growing metropolis.

계속 성장하고 있는 도시야.

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