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I've been to my grandparents' hundreds of times.

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Pattern Talk
I've been to + 명사(장소) + hundreds of times.
~에 수없이 갔었어.

I've been to the beach hundreds of times.
해변에 수없이 갔었어.

I've been to the office hundreds of times.
그의 사무실에 수없이 갔었어.

I've been to the market hundreds of times.
시장에 수없이 갔었어.
I've been to her hometown hundreds of time.
그녀의 고향에 수없이 갔었어.

I've been to my grandparents' hundreds of time.
할아버지 댁에 수없이 갔었어.

Role Play
A : Do you spend time with your grandparents?
조부모님이랑 지냈어?

B : I've been to my grandparents' hundreds of times.
할아버지 댁에 수도 없이 갔었어.

A : I'm sure they appreciate it.

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