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Have you figured out your schedule?

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1) Pattern Talk
Have you figured out + 명사? 
~을 알아냈어? 해결했어?

Have you figured out a way?
방법 알아냈어?

Have you figured out the boss?
사장님 의중 알아냈어?

Have you figured out the recipe?
요리법 알아냈어?

Have you figured out the problem?
문제 해결했어?
Have you figured out your schedule?
일정 해결했어?

  2) Role Play

A : Have you figured out your schedule?
일정 문제는 해결했어?

B : Not quite. I will by tomorrow.
아직은 아니야. 내일까지 할게.

A : Just let me know when you're free.
시간 될 때 알려 줘.

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