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The last few days have been so hectic.

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1) Pattern Talk
The last few days have been so + 형용사.
지난  며칠간 정말 ~했어.

The last few days have been so fun.
지난 며칠간 정말 재밌었어.

The last few days have been so long.
지난 며칠간 정말 길었어.

The last few days have been so hectic.
지난  며칠간 정말 정신 없었어.
The last few days have been so restful.
지난 며칠간 정말 편안했어.

The last few days have been so memorable.
지난 며칠간 정말 기억할 만했어.

  2) Role Play
A : The last few days have been so hectic.
지난 며칠간 정말 정신없었어.

B : Why? What's up?     
왜? 뭇는일인데?

A : I've just got a lot going on.
일들이 너무 많아서.

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